Friday, July 12, 2013

Random Thoughts

-Brennan comes home today after another week at camp.  This marks the end of church camp for our crew but they have VBS all next week at a neighboring church.  I'm excited because they offer dinner for the kids.  A whole week with no dinner prep for 5 kiddos?  Genius! 

-I am going to give up artificial sweeteners for at least the next month.  This is really huge for me.  Ever since I joined Weight Watchers 10 years ago I have consumed buckets of the stuff.  This decision will pretty much remove soda from my diet and that will be hard, but normally when I remove soda I drink tea laced with Splenda.  So...I guess I'll have to try this stuff called water (and an occasional Pepsi, my regular pop of choice).  I read an article posted by Ms. Jane that it can wreak havoc on gluten intolerant peeps (I don't know if you read Brit F. but that "peeps" was for you).  Slowly but surely, I'm willing to give up just about anything for a trouble free tum.  It some ways I really do feel blessed by this diagnoses.  My addiction to food is being tossed out with 70% of the food pyramid. 

-Jared and I are undergoing serious dental visits.  It's always been important to me to make sure the kids are cared for and with 5, even at UMKC Dental school, it's kept us on our financial toes.  I'm afraid we've neglected ourselves and now we're paying for it quite literally.  It seems as if we are making weekly visits to their campus between the two of us.  Brush, Floss, Rinse, everyday all day!  Otherwise you'll have no teeth and ain't nobody got time for that!

-It's mid July and I refuse to even think about school.  I love love love my summer days.  They go by wayyy too fast.  We don't typically start school until the first of September but I need to figure out what we need book wise and at least think about paying for it.  Anyway, anyone want to go swim???  :)

-God is so good.  I've had Liesey K Cakes public for a couple months and I have had a nice steady stream of business.  It has saved our bacon over the last couple months and is such a blessing.  I actually have two openings this weekend if you need some cookies/cupcakes/or a cake!