Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random Updates

-My Brennan turned 14 on the 26th.  I remember his being the longest pregnancy known to man.  I so desperately wanted to be a mom.  What a blessing he is.  He is such an affectionate, kind, intelligent young man of conviction.  We couldn't be prouder.  He started his first job and is working towards earning his very first compound bow.  He has wanted a job since he was 12.  I love his work ethic and desire to work and earn the things he wants/desires.  I just love love love that kid.  Happy Birthday Brennan!
At the Bow shop in Lawrence
 -We've been schooling all 5 for about 2 months now and it is the best year we've had by far.  Jared has really increased his involvement and I couldn't be more thankful.  He has taken on the lion share of the grading (a tedious task I avoided at all cost).  On his days off of work he insists on doing the bulk of the teaching allowing me an extra day off.  This is our second year of using the Robinson Curriculum and it is going much smoother now that we have a little experience under our belt.

-Liesey K Cakes was insanely busy over the summer months and has actually slowed to a much more manageable pace this fall.  I am super thankful with school to have a lesser work load but still steady to help with bills and building our emergency fund.  I had no idea what a blessing creating that Facebook business page would be to our family.  God is so good!

-Jared's Birthday is Saturday and he has planned a two day stay-cation for he and I.  The kids are headed to grandma and grandpa's and that's about the extent of my knowledge.  He has a planned a surprise and I'm so excited.  We have been married 18 years and I really do have to say it just gets better every year.  Who plans a surprise for their spouse on their own birthday?!  This guy:
-Our summer vacation and stop in Grand Junction to see my siblings is proving to be a gift that keeps on giving.  My sister, Heather, is coming to spend a week with us soon.  We are so excited and counting down the days.  Staying in a house with 5 kids may prove to be a bit of a culture shock for her :)

-Speaking of our trip to Colorado, my mother in love sent this to me last night after finding it on Sean Cannon's website.  A picture of Liesey and Paige during our stay in Alamosa, Co.  They were just the best of friends and I am going to print and frame this for Anneliese as a reminder of her cousin in Indonesia. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

He Loves You

On Jared's day off we were headed to the lake for some family time.  A work related call came in and he jumped out of the truck to provide the caller with privacy.  

I don't think anyone can understand the commitment this man has to the church but his family.

We see him sad after hours of counseling.

We see him happy when people reunite and reconcile.

 We see the sadness and empathy pouring from his pores after the someone suffers the death of a loved one.  The emotional fatigue that sweeps over him while he loves on those who mourn and prepares for a funeral that will help bring closure to those who remain.

We are witness to the faint light in the office during the early morning hours as he puts final touches on his sermons and Sunday school lessons.

He loves you, he prays for you, he weeps with you and for you.  God has granted him an extra dose of empathy and sympathy to make him an effective minister.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  As his wife, I ask that this October you would say an extra prayer for him.  Prayers for God to sustain him, fill him, grant him rest.  When you see him, bless him with words of encouragement.

He doesn't desire gifts, he doesn't desire accolades, he is content serving where he knows he is called. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back To School 2014

This picture is getting posted a month late since I took the picture with my camera and then lost the USB cable that allowed me to upload it to my computer :)

Our first year homeschooling all 5 children. 

Brennan 8th, Tanner 7th, Elijah 5th, Graham 3rd, Anneliese K

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gus Gus

We have the cutest sweetest dog ever.

Just so you know.

He's pretty ridiculous.

Angus T. Altic AKA Gus Gus, has been a part of our family for a little over 2 years.  If I am completely honest, I have to admit he was not always my favorite. 

He was the hardest dog to house train and non house trained animals are the bane of my existence. 

BUT, he is trained now and we finally found a solution to his constant crying at night and kennel anxiety.  We contain him to the workout room and he does much better. 

He really is a sweet little creature, he just had some hiccups but I think we're past all that. 

Our friend Heidi is a groomer and we take Gus to her once every 3-4 months.  She typically threatens to keep him due to his passive sweet self.  This time she took before and after pics of our fluffer nutter. 

Quick side note, I have always called him my little fluffer nutter and Tanner was convinced that was his breed and he was not impressed to find out it was a phrase I made up.  Especially after he was confident he was right and desperate to convince his cousins.  Ha!

So here's our little fluff before Heidi's magic:
yes he has eyes, they're just shy

She brushed him out but typically he's covered in ringlets
And After Heidi's magic:
There's his eyes!!!

Doesn't he look so happy?!
Thank you Heidi!!

Menu Planning

I know that there are those of you who plan your weekly meals like a boss.  I have always envied them and felt like it was a great idea but my day to day is so full I was just sure there was no way to fit in another thing.  Let alone planning meals for 2 weeks to a month.

Wellllll, when you have 5 kids they sure do seem to want to eat all the time.  Every day even, multiple times a day and they are all super curious about what that food may be.  So curious in fact, that they ask....a lot...   When you have 5 (6 when it's dinner time) asking what we are eating multiple times each...well you can imagine it makes mommy a bit stabby.  Meal planning started to sound more like a sanity saver than a time taker. 

I decided to do a pay period at a time.  My first meal plan is for two weeks and we started Monday.  I wrote out a ridiculous list of grocery items and collected it all from Wal-Mart, Sams, and Aldi.  I am hoping that menu planning will not only remove the constant badgering of what is for lunch/dinner, but will also save us from multiple trips to the store and eating out due to frustration or lack of planning.

Week 1:
Monday    Grilled Cheese       Homemade Pizza
Tuesday    Totinos Pizzas       Chicken and Dumplings
Wednesday  Mac&Cheese      Wednesday Church
Thursday    Sandwiches          Beef Enchiladas
Friday        Hot dogs                teriyaki chicken
Saturday    waffles                   Chicken tacos
Sunday       out to eat               Bierocks

Week 2:
Monday   Pigs in a Blanket    Chicken tacos
Tuesday   Mac & Cheese       Spaghetti meatballs
Wednesday  Sandwiches       Wednesday Church
Thursday   hot dogs                homemade pizza
Friday       grilled cheese       BBQ meatballs &fried potatoes
Saturday   Totinos pizzas      Hamburger helper
Sunday     out to lunch           waffles

We have already learned sometimes switching one day or one meal for another helps.  For example Monday I went to Savers for their 50% off sale and Jared was home with the kids.  He decided to let them make the Totinos pizzas (Tuesdays Meal) vs grilled cheese.  Since they had little frozen pizzas for lunch they didn't want homemade pizza for dinner so we just switched the whole day.  It worked out great.

I haven't been to the store since Saturday (when I was getting groceries for the pay period).  That is huge!  I even made sure I had all I needed for upcoming baking orders.  That alone will save us money.  I'm hopeful this will get easier and we'll come up with better meals and new recipes as we go but for a first time experience it's a success!