Thursday, July 26, 2012

Times of Refreshing

I have been going through a transition of sorts.  God is working some things out in my heart and mind.  He speaks to me through just about everything. 

This morning Ms. Jane and I went for a bike ride.  Just shy of 9 miles through the sprinkling rain, we rode to 7 highway and back and through some neighborhoods.  The overcast sky was a welcome changed from the sun beating down in 100 plus degree temps. 

As we rode I took in the scenery.  Beautiful homes, horse farm, cattle farm, farm land, and other people running, walking and the like.  I was listening to worship music and peddling to the beat. 

There was just something about that ride.  God reminded me that there is a bigger picture and regardless of the circumstances He is good. 

I was asked Sunday by my mentor and friend, "What is your goal?"  I could think of all kinds of little things that really do not matter.  While I pondered the petty like, weight loss, better health, etc.  She stepped in with, "Be dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ."  What is our goal?  Ultimately why are we here?

My goal is to love Him more.  To be dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ.  This morning's ride was a precious time of refreshing with a precious friend God granted just when I needed her most.

God is good.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Well Hello There

-If you have an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad I highly recommend you go into settings, then general, then scan down to restrictions, and turn OFF In-App purchases.  Especially if your children are allowed to play games on the device.  Our innocent little Graham-a-lama who barely reads ok'd $37 worth of upgrades on a free game.  It didn't ask for an iTunes password.  He just had to okay whether or not he wanted to race with this rad new bike!  And what 6 year old wouldn't want to race with a rad new bike??  We found out when we got the iTunes bill.  Literally the next day, Anneliese was playing Cut The Rope, and just kept clicking away as it asked her if she wanted a $1.99 upgrade.  Luckily I caught her at the "are you sure" prompt.  This has been an issue for many an iTunes user to the tune of hundreds of dollars.  I'm so thankful our first and only issue was only a $37 stupid tax verses so much more.

-I've been Facebook free for a couple weeks now.  I've only gotten on a handful of times (less than 5).  I have to say it's very freeing.  I've been listening to Joyce Meyers podcasts on my phone while I work out.  She has a sermon series on Peace.  I got so tickled when she said, "You want to keep your peace??  MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!"  How much of your stress and worry are because you have information you shouldn't have??  Information you seek out?  Facebook has created a busy body in me and it's time I put her to bed. 

-Will it ever rain again?  My yard sounds like I'm walking on potato chips.

-I have every intention of running the 1/2 in October.  Problem is, my intentions haven't been running as often as they should in order not to die during said run.  I'm looking for my motivation, let me know if you find it.

-I'm coming to terms with the fact my summer is 2/3's over.  I'm trying to gear up for the upcoming school season.  It's time to take inventory of what books we need, what we already have (Thank you Jane D.!) and how exactly I want to go about this new year with my 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th graders.  Can you believe it?  I figure by the time I graduate Anneliese I will have this down to a science.  I wonder if private schools can hire homeschool mom's who've educated their children?  Talk about experience in the field!

-I'm actually excited about schooling older kids.  Letting them explore and read to supplement is exciting simply because it requires less of me, not to mention seeing their individuality really come out.  My eldest has peach fuzz on his upper lip.  My babies are growing rapidly and will be deciding what it is they want to do with their lives.  It's such a blessing to be able to see their giftedness and encourage them in that direction.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ball and Chain

Have you ever heard of umbilical cord training???

That black spot on my floor is Gus.  He is 5 months old today.  He is doing much better with his house training but we are still having the occasional accidents.  With plans to switch out our flooring with the refinancing of the house, training him has become top priority.

Frustrated, I searched the internet for help.  Apparently small dogs are particularly difficult to house train because they can so easily sneak off and create bad habits.  We started out limiting his access to the house and even put a baby gate at the top of the stairs.  Well, he's tiny enough he just walks through the balusters and heads on down. 

From my research I found this type of training they call "umbilical training."  Meaning basically, the dog is hitched to my hip by his leash.  No sneaky sneaky to go potty creating bad habits.  If he needs to go it's obvious and I take him outside. 

While this is slightly obnoxious, and he rebelled something fierce (tiny but mighty) at first, he's taken to it and doesn't seem to mind going with me about my daily chores.

We will break his tiny will.  Resistance is futile....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Having Fun!

We have been so very busy.  I wish wish wish things would slow down just a tad!!!

Richard and Anita are doing the annual, Let's torture Grandma sleep over.  Meaning all 11 grandkids are heading to Platte City at 4 today. 

Jared and I are very excited since we Grouponed a gift cert to Em Chamas.  Our fav place but rarely get to go due to cost.  In all the years we've known about it we've only been about 4 or 5 times.  Thankfully they've reduced their prices a bit and add the 1/2 off groupon and we're finally talking a reasonable dinner  :)  SO EXCITED!

A 2:30 Saturday we are supposed to pick up the kids and head to Auntie's for a swim.  Sunday Jared and Brennan leave for Deeper Life and won't be home until Friday. 

I swear it's going to be August before I go to bed tonight. 

The younger 4 kids, Gus and I have plans to visit a friend next week.  I kept thinking our visit was so far off and now it's here. 

I guess it's true what they say, time flies when you're having fun.  We've been blessed with a full enjoyable summer and I recognize this is so much better than a painful slow tortured existence. 

God is good!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beating the Heat

Jane D and I hit the track early this morning.  Well we went to the track to find it locked up tight.

Piper has a beautiful track that is super attractive and apparently off limits.  So we ran around the different school buildings.  I was surprised how nice it was at 8 am.  We ran and talked between heaving breaths.  I was surprised when we finished that we had worked out for 55 minutes.  I guarantee you that I wouldn't have lasted that long on my own.

I'm so appreciative of having a work out buddy and friend that makes something like running, something to look forward to.

If you are looking to start some sort of health kick, like a diet plan or exercise regime, I highly recommend pairing up.  Odds are, one of you will have will power when the other is on empty.

I plan to run the Waddell Reed 1/2 marathon in October so training begins in the next couple weeks.  Consistency is always my biggest nemesis due to schedules and laziness.

So thankful Coach D  will keep me on task!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Hot, In Case You Hadn't Noticed

-Thank you all for your support and wisdom on the Facebook topic.  It's been a real blessing to just not have it on my phone.  I didn't realize how often I was accessing it until I removed it and it seems odd to not have my phone in my hand.  I've gotten on briefly once a day in order to see things I was tagged in.  I'm feeling better and better about it with each passing day.

-Ever heard of Body Brushing?  This is a new part of my daily regime.  With significant weight loss and 5 babies in my past I have a lot of skin damage.  This is very simple and is really calming.  My friend Wendy says it reminds her of a massage.  It's definitely something I will do from now on.  I can already tell a difference in several problem areas (including that unsightly sagging upper arm skin, you know, the part that keeps waving even after you stop?)  I highly recommend it!

-We are in the process of refinancing our house.  Already, you say??  With interest rates at their lowest in history, we will benefit from an even lower rate than we locked in when we purchased the house.  With our friend, realtor, and mortgage broker David Britt, it's a simple painless process and we appreciate him so very much.  He has been an amazing advocate for us through the whole process starting over a year ago.  If you need to refi, purchase, or sell a home please consider him (tell him we sent you :)).  He worked tirelessly for us and we wouldn't have the home we have if it weren't for him.  Love him, did I mention he's great?  Because he is... 

 -I chopped my hair, well actually Mindy C. chopped my hair.  I finally did what I've wanted to do for quite some time.  I love love love it and it feels so much lighter and cooler for summer!   About 6" off the back and it's by far the shortest I've had it in about 11 years.  The first thing my little girl said was, "Mommy!  We match!!!"  I'm seriously considering a pretty dramatic color change too.  I'll keep you posted :)  Thank you Mindy!  If you need a stylist ask for Mindy Cook (she's the only Mindy) at Beauty Brands at the Legends, she's awesome.  Tell her I sent you (apparently this blog is a commercial :))
-In attempt to lower our skyrocketing electric bill I looked up ways to clean/tune up your AC unit.  I went outside and sprayed down the outside of the condenser unit.  It was bad, surely that will help.  Then we switched out the filter.  We also covered all the downstairs vents with the magnetic vent covers and placed a large round fan at the base of the stairs blowing all the cool air back upstairs.  It's making a huge difference already.  The upstairs is much cooler, now let's hope the bill is much lower!