Thursday, July 26, 2012

Times of Refreshing

I have been going through a transition of sorts.  God is working some things out in my heart and mind.  He speaks to me through just about everything. 

This morning Ms. Jane and I went for a bike ride.  Just shy of 9 miles through the sprinkling rain, we rode to 7 highway and back and through some neighborhoods.  The overcast sky was a welcome changed from the sun beating down in 100 plus degree temps. 

As we rode I took in the scenery.  Beautiful homes, horse farm, cattle farm, farm land, and other people running, walking and the like.  I was listening to worship music and peddling to the beat. 

There was just something about that ride.  God reminded me that there is a bigger picture and regardless of the circumstances He is good. 

I was asked Sunday by my mentor and friend, "What is your goal?"  I could think of all kinds of little things that really do not matter.  While I pondered the petty like, weight loss, better health, etc.  She stepped in with, "Be dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ."  What is our goal?  Ultimately why are we here?

My goal is to love Him more.  To be dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ.  This morning's ride was a precious time of refreshing with a precious friend God granted just when I needed her most.

God is good.


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twisted said...

It was a wonderful time with the Lord and the precious refreshing rain that he gave us. I'll think about it with each step today too. My legs are burn'n.