Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hot New Hangout!

Do you want to be were the action is? How about where all the cool people are. I have the inside information about where everyone wants to be.

My house.

There is a celebrity that lives in the Altic household and her name is Anneliese. She draws quite the crowd. The boys and I have been blessed with company just about everyday since she was born (3 weeks Thurs.). We have plans for more tomorrow.

It's been a real treat for the boys since I'm not real eager to get all 5 kids out. It's such a blessing to see how much our little girl has captured the hearts of our friends and family. We love you all and so appreciate all the wonderful thoughts, gifts, and food you've showered upon us.

We are blessed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


-Anneliese is doing better. She seems really good during the day. During the night she tends to get congested. Thankfully Graham was only really sick for about 24 hours so if she has his illness she's on the mend. Thank you for your prayers.

-I waited 2 weeks to get on the scale and now I wish I hadn't gotten on it at all. As of Friday I've only lost 14lbs of the 67lbs I gained. How is that humanly possible? I feel like my shape is changing daily and I've been ridiculously good on my diet for two weeks and change. I'm just going to keep on and not weigh again for a while. I know I'm doing the right things and patience is key.

-I overheard the kids chatting about our new addition. Elijah thinks two Anneliese's would be better. Tanner wanted to know when to expect the next baby and Brennan told the kids we'd have 7 eventually. I stepped in and set the record straight. I have to say it's pretty sweet that our boys feel secure and confident enough that they want to share our family with as many siblings as possible, but...

-We are getting back to school tomorrow. We've been off for a month. The boys only have 6 weeks left and I really want to finish up so they (we) can enjoy our summer. It's not what I originally planned but it's going to work out better. This way they'll have a normal summer verses a super long one.

-Speaking of school...April is free shipping for Abeka. I plan on ordering our curriculum next week. We'll have a 3rd, 2nd, and K. That's hard to believe! Since Brennan's starting 3rd that makes this our fourth year of home schooling. That's insane!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Getting By

This has been Anneliese's position for most of the day. The sweet baby isn't eating much but is finding some relief propped up on her Boppy. The elevation is allowing her sinuses to drain and she's breathing better. We've barely seen her beautiful blue eyes and I'm hoping her sleepiness means she's getting better. Please keep praying for our little princess.

Poor Baby...

We've had Anneliese all of two weeks and we've already gotten her sick.

I've been struggling with some congestion but thought it was allergies. Unfortunately Graham came down with a nasty cold the last few days and even though my hands are raw from washing them so much she still got it.

Last night she could hardly breathe while eating. Poor little baby was gagging on her own drainage. Please pray for her that she will recover quickly and not get worse.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Workin On It

Today has been a day of progress!

My house has been getting further and further out of control with each day since Anneliese came home. I awoke today with the drive to reclaim my house!

I started out with laundry and dishes. My sweet husband tackled the litter box. I'm excited to say the office is cleaned and organized. Toilets are clean and the carpets vacuumed.

I went ahead and put my tub of maternity clothes up in the attic. It feels really good to recognize parts of my house. My kitchen table still needs cleared but we're getting there and Sis has been a doll and allowed me to work while she naps in her bouncy seat.

Yay Clean House!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Update

Natasha and I took Anneliese to the doctor today for her checkup. I love that office. They were all just smitten with her. It's a family practice office so they don't get to see the babies very often. Everyone in there made it their goal to catch a glimpse of our little girl.

She is actually smaller than her birth weight still. She weighed in at a whopping 7lbs 7oz. Dr. Johnson said no worries and to weigh her again in a week. She eats like a piglet and has plenty of dirty diapers so she's obviously processing what she's eating :)

Our little girl is happy and healthy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The kids and I headed to Wal-Mart this evening since Daddy's still gone. We picked up a few necessities including Bolt :) It's a new release and was only $13.99. After having my evenings alone with the kids for a few nights now I thought we all deserved a little treat.

I popped some popcorn and sent them up. There are loud giggles coming from the upstairs bedroom.

I'm enjoying a soda and some HGTV. I believe I'll make myself a snack and snuggle in with my little girl.

Good Morning

This is what I left in my bed this morning. This is Anneliese after her early morning feeding. She looks fat and happy :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Boy Update

After Eli spent a hour and a half in bed crying I sent the other boys up to get ready for bed and put some clothes away. While they were up there I had to change out Graham's bedding due to a nap time accident. Eli just sat in his bed and watched us.

When we were finished I asked him if we were going to have a better day tomorrow. He just looked down. I asked again and he said, "I'm going to try real hard not to get into trouble all day." Poor little guy is just like the rest of us. He does what he doesn't want to do. He knows what we expect of him and what's allowed. Unfortunately his sinful nature wins out once in a while.

The good news is my sweet boy is still in there somewhere and he gave me a kiss and a gentle smile before bed.

Where'd My Sweet Boy Go?

Once I had a big eyed brown haired sweet boy by the name of Elijah. Apparently he's been replaced by a small demon. I'm not sure when the switch happened but I'm guessing it has something to do with his new sister.

Jared and I have both discussed how Eli tends to be the antagonist amongst the kids but for the majority of the time he's sweet and quiet. Today has been awful. I've spent most of the day getting onto him for this and that.

Our biggest issue is the way he talks to his brothers when he's angry or frustrated. We've been dealing with, "I hate you, I'm going to kill you, Jerk, & Shut -up." Jared and I both drop the hammer on such behavior but honestly the discipline is wearing me out. We've had 2 issues today with such talk and when the 3rd time happened I decided to try a different punishment and gave him apple cider vinegar. He slurped it up and said, "I actually like that, what is it?"

I sent him upstairs (his brothers are on the trampoline) and he began screaming and throwing a fit. I punished him again and sent him to bed. He's now screaming and declaring he's not going to sleep. Jared's in Dekalb, I'm home alone and out of ideas.

You know it's bad when mom is crying as much as the 4 year old.

Wind Wind Go Away

Jared's headed back to Dekalb for the evening. He's been up there all weekend preaching a revival and has tonight and tomorrow night left to go.

It's weird because he's typically gone quite a bit up at the church but honestly it feels like he's forever away and I wait with bated breath for him to return. It's a long drive and his car is ancient. I worry for his safety.

My sweet Michelle was going to come for a visit this afternoon to keep the kids and I company. The wind is so bad that there's advisories out so she's keeping her kiddos home safe plus she's not feeling so swell.

Elijah and Graham have been at each other all day and are being forced into nap/rest time in order to just keep the peace. It's no biggie just biting and hitting. Normal brotherly interactions. Ugh.

Tonight may be a "go to bed early" kinda night. Where's the sunshine when I need it?

Brotherly Love

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's The Little Things...

Brennan and Tanner just arrived from their sleep over with A.J. They had a great time and seem pretty exhausted.

Tomorrow the two of them are heading to Corbin's house for his birthday. They have quite the social calendar (who says home schoolers aren't social?!). Elijah has been having a hard time without his brothers and isn't too keen on them leaving again tomorrow.

I was trying to think of something we could do for him. Jared and I had a discussion this morning trying to come up with who Eli's buddies are. We thought of several kids we've seen him hang around with but didn't really know who his "best" buddy was.

This afternoon after Elijah found out Tanner was also going to Corbin's he was feeling pretty left out. I asked him, "Elijah who's your best friend? Who do you love to play with?"

Without hesitation he smiled and said, "Cale."

I quickly put a call into Natasha and asked if she would consider taking my little Eli tomorrow so he could play with Cale. She immediately told me "No" (it's what she does) and then said, "Of Course!"

Apparently Cale got a new Wall-E game for his XBox and is eager to show Elijah. The best part is Eli is GIDDY. He's stinking glowing and his precious dimple has become a permanent part of his face.

Single Parenting

Jared is preaching a revival for the next several days in Dekalb, Mo. He leaves this afternoon and won't be back to his normal schedule until Wednesday. He's planning on actually staying over tonight but will be back in KC during the day Monday and Tuesday.

I really think we'll be fine especially since Alisa Y. is taking two of my brood tomorrow afternoon to celebrate her son Corbin's birthday (Happy 9th Big Boy!!).

Church will be weird for me. I'll be taking my 5 babies and heading off to hear Matt J. preach! I'm excited to be there. Typically when we have a guest speaker it's because our family is on vacation or Jared's speaking and we're with him. This will be the first time I can think of when we'll be at WCCC and he won't.

Thankfully Anneliese's arrival is going off without a hitch and that sweet baby is even sleeping well at night. I think the boys and I'll do just fine as Daddy teaches the Word to our extended church family.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Take Heart

-Today is a better day. The main reason is simply because I slept. Last night Anneliese woke up at 2,5, and 8. Having 3 stretches of solid sleep did wonders. Then to add to it my sweet husband allowed me to take a 2 hour nap this afternoon.

-Our little girl is a dream and is the most content little thing. When she's ready to eat she simply stretches and grunts. We've not heard any screaming or crying. One blessing is our little heartbeat bear that was gifted by the Jones'. As long as that is on she's perfectly happy in her bassinet.

-Hannah and I pulled out her swing and it's a hit. She loves it! I actually have to watch the clock because she'd stay in there for hours if I let her.

-The older two boys are heading to A.J.'s tonight for a sleep over and the younger two are having the Dilley boys over for pizza. The four of them are transitioning really well and I felt they deserved a little fun. Thank you Amy and Tash for making my boys feel special.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Figuring It Out...

Today marks a week since our little girl joined us. That's hard to believe. She's perfectly beautiful and quite laid back. I feel blessed by her desire to just sit and check out her surroundings while she's awake. She's a content little girl.

I'd be lying if I said I haven't had a ball changing her clothes. She's decked out in lime green and pink today with a matching blanket. Wanna see?

As much fun as she is and as good as life really is I'm sad. I'm sad and angry. Good combo for a new mom of 5. I've been off my anti-depressant now for 10 days and at the nudging of my husband called in to ask for a substitute. I went off of it because it's not safe for breastfeeding. Apparently there are some that are fine. I've struggled off and on (mainly on) since my Dad passed and am realizing now is not the time to see if I can do without.

My goal was to just work out of the darkest time and I ended up staying on them for 18 mos. I would really like to ween myself off of them because I really do feel like I'm healing but postpartum really isn't the time.

Like with most things this is trial and error. The last thing I need right now is to alienate myself from my friends and family. Those boys (and man) are my joy and I don't want them to question it just because I can't get a hold of all this. Please pray for us as we seek God's will.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Please note the deep beautiful dimple on her right cheek! TOO CUTE!

Dedication Not Obsession

Today starts day 3 of Weight Watchers for me. I've decided not to weigh myself for a while. I weighed in at the hospital before Sis was born and I'll wait a week or two before I weigh in here at home. First of all I'm still retaining some serious fluid which is obvious when I try to wear any of my shoes. Second of all with all the engorgement there's several pounds maybe tens of pounds (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but only a bit) that I don't want to weigh.

In order to keep all this in check and not get too worked up about it holding off on weighing is definitely a good thing for me.

So far so good. I'm eager to be fit and healthy again so the temptations are limited. The sweet Coopers brought dinner to us last night and the plate of oohey gooey brownies was difficult. I allowed myself a small chunk and now I'm fine.

I'm currently doing the old Core plan which technically doesn't exist anymore. It's now called the Filling Foods Option. It's helpful in the breastfeeding stage when I'm starving since I'm allowed to eat until satisfied on the filling foods. I did Core after Elijah was born and I dropped the 65lbs I gained in less than 4 months. I'm guessing it won't be quite that quick since I'm 5 years older and this is my 5th baby. Fortunately for me I'll be fine emotionally as long as I'm working on it.

My goal this time is to enjoy my baby and allow the weight issue to be a tiny side to my life verses allowing the obsession of it become my primary focus and miss out on the precious fleeting moments of infancy.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Too Funny...

Since today is Graham's birthday I decided to meet up with Natasha at the park and let the kids play. We were there all of about 10 minutes when another park parent asked if I ran a daycare!! HAHAHA!

Apparently 5 is overload. It's no longer, "Are they all yours?" or "Do you babysit?" Now with 5 I've graduated to daycare status.

Fun Firsts

First Bath at home.

First Sunday Church

Happy Birthday Graham!!!

He has a goofy reaction to being sung to :)

Today is Graham's third birthday!! It's hard to believe he's 3. I feel bad for the little guy because we've not done much for his little self. It's been 4 days since Sis was born and we're all still trying to get settled.

Last night we went to Grandma's and Papa's for cake and he really had a good time. We celebrated Graham, Kennedy, Anneliese, and Kelby. Add my birthday in as well and the Altic's really like the first two weeks of March.

We may have to go to McDonald's or the park and let him play. He's a lot like his mom and dad. Buy the boy a QT and he thinks it's Christmas. Today just may be a smoothie day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


We're home and all 5 of my babies are here and demanding attention. It's really a blessing. I'm eager for the boys to settle in and see how the dynamics are going to work. So far they're all pretty smitten with her.

It's been a pretty busy day with visitors (here's a few pics from today) but we've enjoyed it since Jared's been busy the bulk of the day and plans to work late this evening.

Our little Anneliese looks just like her brothers and is just beautiful. We're having a great time getting to know her little self.

On a side note we ran to Target this evening for a couple necessities. When we got home our neighbors were out and wanted to see the baby so I obliged. The boys were getting the groceries in and I followed them into the house. I sent the kids upstairs while I started some dinner. After about 30mins we realized we couldn't find Graham. His brothers shut him in the van and he just sat out there in his car seat eating M&Ms. Apparently when we enter or exit the house it is going to require a head count.

(FYI He was unbuckled and can easily open the van door. He was content with his candy and wasn't in any hurry to come in the house.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We were allowed to leave this evening. We are super thankful to be home with our little pink jelly bean. Out of 5 kids I haven't ever had a binki baby until now. Anneliese loves her binki and I love that she loves it!

The dogs are curious about her but have been very well behaved. Jared and I are settling in and the boys come home from the grandma's tomorrow. Jared plans to work tomorrow so I'll be jumping in with exhausted feet first thing in the morning :)

She's definitely cuter today than she was yesterday. Everyone kept saying how beautiful she was and I thought, "really? She's kinda funny looking to me..." Her face was so swollen, bruised and different colors. Today she's cute as a button and now I can say without reservation, "She's beautiful!" The doc even commented on how improved she is. Take a look at our pics so far!

Anneliese Keegan is Here!!

After a pretty rough yet quick delivery she made her entrance into the world.  She looks an awful lot like Brennan so far.  Her face looks significantly different already today.  Her face was swollen and bruised due to her rapid descent.

She's super healthy and we're super happy.  Thank you Lord for the 5 precious blessings you have granted us.  Please help us to trust and depend on you for their needs for You are the Great Provider.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Can you believe it? I'm going to have a daughter tomorrow. OH MY GOODNESS!!

I've been on an anti-depressant now for close to 18 mos and a couple days ago my OB said to stop taking them. Apparently the one I was one transfers to the milk supply and I need a good 4 or 5 days to get it out of my system. I think that may be contributing to the shear terror I'm feeling today.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not overwhelmed by the idea of 5 kids. I welcome that. I honestly believe if you can handle 2 you can handle 3. If you can handle 4 you can handle 5 and so on. I'm scared to death because of the pain I'm about to endure.

They say you forget and that's why women have multiple children. I clearly remember desperately wanting out of my own body. She's worth it and I'll do it and it will all be great this time tomorrow. In the mean time I'm going to take some Tylenol PM so I can actually sleep tonight and rest in knowing tomorrow morning the excitement will kick in and I'll make it through just like I did 4 other times.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Checking In

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Apparently the bad back pain and cramping I've been feeling since Saturday night is "early labor." I am finally dilating and am 60% effaced.


Doc Sheridan said we could hold out til Thursday or I could progress this afternoon. There's just no telling. Either way I'm not that worried. My baby girl will be where I can touch and kiss her day after tomorrow either way!!

He did ask how big my biggest baby was. I just chuckled and said, "Why?" He said she'll be 8-9lbs. I told him Tanner was 9lbs 3oz and he said he didn't think she'd be bigger but she's definitely not going to be our smallest baby. He immediately said, "I've been wrong before, but..."

So, here we go! My mom's coming over tomorrow to help clean. Now if I can just repair my vacuum and dishwasher before Thursday we'll be good to go. Apparently my appliances recognize we're in short supply of time and money so they're breaking down one by one. What mother of 5 needs a dishwasher or a vacuum?

Monday, March 9, 2009


I was looking through some old pics and uploading to facebook when I came across these. The first is Graham and the second is Tanner at approximately the same age. Holy cow they look a lot alike :)


-My belly has corners. How do you know when you're about baked? When your stomach forms corners and the belly button has popped (kinda like a turkey timer). It's been sweet to feel Anneliese's little feet through my belly. She'll shove one out and I can literally grab it. WeIrD but precious.

-Today marks just 3 full days (or less) until D-Day!! Since we know she'll be induced on Thursday I have lots planned for the next couple days. I want to have the house clean and stocked as well as bills paid. Since I have group B strep we'll have a slightly extended hospital stay. They keep the babies an extra day just for observation.

-I'm also preparing for a Weight Watcher's revival. I've been stocking the cabinets with my favorites. I have a lot of work to do. The jogging stroller has been worked over and is ready for some activity :) I plan to find a 5k to run/walk in the next 6-8 weeks just to give myself some motivation for those, "I've been up all night and don't wanna" mornings.

-The last couple days the reality of this being the end has really been settling in. I'm all about this being the end for us but as someone who loves babies and birthing process it does give me pause. Jared and I are sure for the first time that we're at max capacity but there is a tinge of sadness knowing this part of our life is complete. As soon as I type that I am reminded of the relief I also feel. We are sure of God's will in this area and that alone gives great peace.

-Our church family really knows me. I was talking yesterday about how I probably won't be at church on Sunday since we'll likely be dismissed on Saturday. I had several look me right in the eye and say, "oh, you'll be here." It would take some issue I'm not aware of to keep me home :) I will be eager to introduce our daughter to her family and allow them to take her in just as they have the rest of us.

-YAY she's really on her way!!! I can't believe it. Stay tuned to be bombarded by pictures!!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pedi Anyone?

Jared came home mid day for the KU game and planned to work a split shift today. He went in this morning and came home for the game (3-5) and then plans to head back in for the evening. I thought I would take full advantage and head out for my baby pedicure.

It's a tradition I've had with each of the kiddos. Nearing the end I head out to have my legs massaged, my feet sanded, and toes painted. The best part is the massage chair. It's quite a lovely experience and now I can go into labor knowing my feet will be beautiful in the stir ups.

My last pedicure was with Graham and I was more than a little offended by the tech. She kept saying how bad my feet were. She insisted that I come in twice a month for a couple months and then go to once a month in order to maintain descent feet. First of all I don't have time or money for such indulgences and second of all try not to insult your clients!!

My mother in law gave me a gift certificate to go back and I declined for fear of being ridiculed again. I instead went to the boutique here near home and decided to take my ipod to discourage any conversation.

Unfortunately another preggo mom sat across from me and asked my due date. I hesitantly removed my ear buds to answer her when the tech at my feet said in broken English, "It's good you're fat. Fat is good for the baby. She looks very healthy."

SO CLOSE! I was just minutes from leaving! I had a wonderful experience. The swelling in my feet was gone by the time he finished. My back was fully massaged and my feet looked wonderful! Why did he have to speak?!

Regardless I gave him a tip. He rubbed down my big ol' legs and worked over my feet (keep in mind I haven't seen them in months). It was a really relaxing experience and well...I am a little chubby :)

Week 39 and holding...

Yesterday Jared and I went to Mongolian BBQ over by Oak Park Mall. I was so proud of Jared because he's not usually into trying new things. He went along happily and ended up really liking it.

I love that place and it makes me want to return because I feel like over time I could really perfect a recipe that I would love. It's a buffet where you collect all your favorite foods in bowl and then they stir fry it on a huge grill. They have steak, seafood & chicken and all kinds wonderful peppers onions and veggies. Jared stocked up on sirloin steak and added green peppers and jalapenos. The hardest part is knowing what seasonings and sauces to use. It's a lot of fun and really yummy.

While we were out I started having pretty rough contractions. In order to save a hospital bill I called my OBGYN and he just had me come in to the office. Needless to say it wasn't labor but he had mercy on me and scheduled our induction for Thursday (12th) at 7:30a.

Anneliese has officially been handed her eviction notice :) She has 5 days to leave peacefully or she will be forced to evacuate.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Jared arrived home at 5:15 and offered to take the family to the Legends to walk the baby out. It's such a beautiful day.

We headed out and walked and walked. I went into the new Gymboree outlet and the women working there were wow'd by my physique. They both went slack jawed and wanted to know when I was due. It is funny how people forget just how weird a 9 month pregnant belly looks (at least my 9 month pregnant belly).

After wandering for a hour or so we headed home. Jared and I had asked Grandma Anita to watch the kids in the morning so Jared and I could go out to lunch. She agreed but after thinking on it a bit called back and offered to take all 4 boys for a sleep over.

I immediately agreed knowing the kids would greatly appreciate a break from their moody mother and would have a great time. The funny thing is our boys just don't ever stay away from home. Especially not when Mom and Dad are just sitting at home watching The Office. It's a little odd not to have them here but it will be nice to sleep in and go out to a leisurely lunch. I really appreciate the kids being doted on a bit since I know it's not been a barrel of monkeys here at home.

Now that I think about it tonight would be a very convenient time to go into labor. Are you listening little girl?

Roller Coaster

Pray for my family. I'm a mess. Yesterday and the day before I was all smiles and good humor. I saw life as something to enjoy and family as a blessing.

Today however I'm dark and cranky. My poor babies haven't heard a kind tone out of me all day. Jared was going to stay home either today or tomorrow for some post birthday celebration and he opted to go into work hoping I'd be in better spirits tomorrow.

I still know our little girl will be here next week. That's what brought relief to my depressed self Tuesday but apparently the relief wore off quickly.

I started contracting last night and they were lasting 60-90 seconds and were 3 minutes apart. There was a lot of pressure and I thought, "this is it!!!!" I was so excited and couldn't stop smiling. We called Natasha to have her sit with the boys and as we waited for her to arrive and started prepping to leave the contractions started spacing out to 5 minutes apart. Once she arrived we stood around the kitchen for another hour or so and then decided I should take one of the meds Doc Sheridan prescribed to stop false labor and lay down.

We simply can't afford another "false alarm." I feel like the little boy who cried wolf. I've been contracting regularly for a month and am beginning to wonder if I'll have her here at home due to my insecurities about finances and "true labor.''

My prayer is for mercy and clarity. The medication has left me in a fog all day and I'm exhausted and really uncomfortable. Apparently I slept in one position all night due to the drug induced coma.

If there has been any wonder out there or any speculation. Rest easy dear friends our little Anneliese is our 5th and FINAL installment to the Altic household. I'm too old and whiny to do this again :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whoo Hoo Thirty-Two

It doesn't matter how old I get I still love birthdays. I've been wished Happy Birthday by most of my cyber friends via Facebook. It's nice to wake up to so many well wishes!

Jared and I were hoping to go to lunch today but I always forget I babysit! I have Nadia until 3 so no lunch for us today. I'm thinking maybe we'll go out tomorrow night.

BUT, I'm more than willing to put aside all celebrating and activity to give birth. Come on little girl, come to Momma!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

38 week update

I just got home from the Doc. I am in much better spirits this week.

First of all I'm ripening. Sorry if that grosses you out. Apparently I'm preparing for labor and things are looking good! We're not dilated more than a 1 or so but I'm thinning out and much "softer."

Dr. Sheridan is sticking to his guesstimate. He says this week and 8 1/2 lbs. If she does not come before my next appointment on Tuesday the 10th we will plan an induction (on the 11th or 12th). I am thrilled to know that I will have Anneliese in my arms in a matter of days.

It's a great relief to see a definite end. Even better, I'm currently contracting. It started last night around 6 and is getting progressively worse. We're going to ride it out through the afternoon and see what happens. I would greatly appreciate your prayers!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I ventured out this morning with the kids when I realized we were out of cat food, toilet paper, and eggs. Totally random things that we can't do without!

The silly thing is that I went to Wal-Mart yesterday with Natasha and my pregnant brain forgot pretty much everything. Of course I can't go and get what we need when I'm without the kids and have someone with me. I have to go the next day with all the kids by myself. Life is much more interesting that way.

While I was there I decided to pick up an exercise ball. I've read quite a bit about them helping with dilation during delivery and since we're going natural I thought every little bit will help. Plus while we're waiting for our baby apparently sitting on the ball does quite a bit for helping her settle in and relieve back pain. For $8 I was sold!

As soon as we got home the boys were desperate to inflate the ball. Apparently they thought it was all for them. We took about 20 minutes taking turns pumping up the ball and then I decided to take a seat to try it out.

Brennan, Tanner and Elijah all sat back and squinted their eyes and anticipated an explosion. They seriously expected that ball to blow up right underneath me.

I wasn't offended. Well, I know they love me even if they do think anything beneath my weight will explode.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coming Clean

Jared told me a story about a month ago about a guy on Utube that put his Mac keyboard through the dishwasher.

Sounds intelligent.

Apparently he plugged it into itself so as not to leave any access to the internal mechanism. He covered it in all kinds of nastiness and then sent it through the wash. No joke. After drying out for 24 hours he plugged it in and it worked!!

So, I was looking at our keypad. I'm notorious for eating at the computer and the kids are gross. Plus we have company often and it's perfectly normal for our card buddies to surf the net while not in a hand. Our key board has definitely seen better days after 5 years of abuse.

I didn't talk to Jared about it until after. I didn't put it through the dishwasher but I did wash it off in the sink. Keep in mind a new Macintosh keyboard is $50. I figured either it would work or we'd buy a new one. Either way it was in bad shape.

Thankfully after 24hours of air drying we have a working keyboard that looks and feels like brand new :) I wouldn't recommend doing this simply because I may have been really lucky. I am thankful that we didn't end up spending $50 on a new keyboard because I decided to wash ours with dinner's dishes.


I'm so glad it's March!

Today is my sister Courtney's birthday! Happy Birthday SIS!

Wednesday is my birthday!

Friday is my brother Will's birthday!

The 16th is Graham's birthday!

Where will Anneliese fall?! Graham shares a birthday with his Aunt Erin. I wonder if Anneliese will share her birthday with someone. She can have mine!

I have to say it does bring some relief to be in the month of March. She will be here within the next couple weeks! That's exciting to say. Last night I was actually thinking about holding her and kissing her little neck and I'm SOO excited.