Saturday, March 21, 2009

Single Parenting

Jared is preaching a revival for the next several days in Dekalb, Mo. He leaves this afternoon and won't be back to his normal schedule until Wednesday. He's planning on actually staying over tonight but will be back in KC during the day Monday and Tuesday.

I really think we'll be fine especially since Alisa Y. is taking two of my brood tomorrow afternoon to celebrate her son Corbin's birthday (Happy 9th Big Boy!!).

Church will be weird for me. I'll be taking my 5 babies and heading off to hear Matt J. preach! I'm excited to be there. Typically when we have a guest speaker it's because our family is on vacation or Jared's speaking and we're with him. This will be the first time I can think of when we'll be at WCCC and he won't.

Thankfully Anneliese's arrival is going off without a hitch and that sweet baby is even sleeping well at night. I think the boys and I'll do just fine as Daddy teaches the Word to our extended church family.

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