Monday, March 23, 2009

Wind Wind Go Away

Jared's headed back to Dekalb for the evening. He's been up there all weekend preaching a revival and has tonight and tomorrow night left to go.

It's weird because he's typically gone quite a bit up at the church but honestly it feels like he's forever away and I wait with bated breath for him to return. It's a long drive and his car is ancient. I worry for his safety.

My sweet Michelle was going to come for a visit this afternoon to keep the kids and I company. The wind is so bad that there's advisories out so she's keeping her kiddos home safe plus she's not feeling so swell.

Elijah and Graham have been at each other all day and are being forced into nap/rest time in order to just keep the peace. It's no biggie just biting and hitting. Normal brotherly interactions. Ugh.

Tonight may be a "go to bed early" kinda night. Where's the sunshine when I need it?

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