Thursday, March 5, 2009

Roller Coaster

Pray for my family. I'm a mess. Yesterday and the day before I was all smiles and good humor. I saw life as something to enjoy and family as a blessing.

Today however I'm dark and cranky. My poor babies haven't heard a kind tone out of me all day. Jared was going to stay home either today or tomorrow for some post birthday celebration and he opted to go into work hoping I'd be in better spirits tomorrow.

I still know our little girl will be here next week. That's what brought relief to my depressed self Tuesday but apparently the relief wore off quickly.

I started contracting last night and they were lasting 60-90 seconds and were 3 minutes apart. There was a lot of pressure and I thought, "this is it!!!!" I was so excited and couldn't stop smiling. We called Natasha to have her sit with the boys and as we waited for her to arrive and started prepping to leave the contractions started spacing out to 5 minutes apart. Once she arrived we stood around the kitchen for another hour or so and then decided I should take one of the meds Doc Sheridan prescribed to stop false labor and lay down.

We simply can't afford another "false alarm." I feel like the little boy who cried wolf. I've been contracting regularly for a month and am beginning to wonder if I'll have her here at home due to my insecurities about finances and "true labor.''

My prayer is for mercy and clarity. The medication has left me in a fog all day and I'm exhausted and really uncomfortable. Apparently I slept in one position all night due to the drug induced coma.

If there has been any wonder out there or any speculation. Rest easy dear friends our little Anneliese is our 5th and FINAL installment to the Altic household. I'm too old and whiny to do this again :)

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