Saturday, March 14, 2009


We're home and all 5 of my babies are here and demanding attention. It's really a blessing. I'm eager for the boys to settle in and see how the dynamics are going to work. So far they're all pretty smitten with her.

It's been a pretty busy day with visitors (here's a few pics from today) but we've enjoyed it since Jared's been busy the bulk of the day and plans to work late this evening.

Our little Anneliese looks just like her brothers and is just beautiful. We're having a great time getting to know her little self.

On a side note we ran to Target this evening for a couple necessities. When we got home our neighbors were out and wanted to see the baby so I obliged. The boys were getting the groceries in and I followed them into the house. I sent the kids upstairs while I started some dinner. After about 30mins we realized we couldn't find Graham. His brothers shut him in the van and he just sat out there in his car seat eating M&Ms. Apparently when we enter or exit the house it is going to require a head count.

(FYI He was unbuckled and can easily open the van door. He was content with his candy and wasn't in any hurry to come in the house.)


Alisa said...

She looks well loved! what a sweetie!

Sean said...

Precious. I don't need to tell you, but be sure you ENJOY her!

Misty said...

Graham just needed a little alone time. :) I understand that feeling sometimes. And really what could be better than a warm car and your favorite candy.