Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coming Clean

Jared told me a story about a month ago about a guy on Utube that put his Mac keyboard through the dishwasher.

Sounds intelligent.

Apparently he plugged it into itself so as not to leave any access to the internal mechanism. He covered it in all kinds of nastiness and then sent it through the wash. No joke. After drying out for 24 hours he plugged it in and it worked!!

So, I was looking at our keypad. I'm notorious for eating at the computer and the kids are gross. Plus we have company often and it's perfectly normal for our card buddies to surf the net while not in a hand. Our key board has definitely seen better days after 5 years of abuse.

I didn't talk to Jared about it until after. I didn't put it through the dishwasher but I did wash it off in the sink. Keep in mind a new Macintosh keyboard is $50. I figured either it would work or we'd buy a new one. Either way it was in bad shape.

Thankfully after 24hours of air drying we have a working keyboard that looks and feels like brand new :) I wouldn't recommend doing this simply because I may have been really lucky. I am thankful that we didn't end up spending $50 on a new keyboard because I decided to wash ours with dinner's dishes.

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