Sunday, March 29, 2009


-Anneliese is doing better. She seems really good during the day. During the night she tends to get congested. Thankfully Graham was only really sick for about 24 hours so if she has his illness she's on the mend. Thank you for your prayers.

-I waited 2 weeks to get on the scale and now I wish I hadn't gotten on it at all. As of Friday I've only lost 14lbs of the 67lbs I gained. How is that humanly possible? I feel like my shape is changing daily and I've been ridiculously good on my diet for two weeks and change. I'm just going to keep on and not weigh again for a while. I know I'm doing the right things and patience is key.

-I overheard the kids chatting about our new addition. Elijah thinks two Anneliese's would be better. Tanner wanted to know when to expect the next baby and Brennan told the kids we'd have 7 eventually. I stepped in and set the record straight. I have to say it's pretty sweet that our boys feel secure and confident enough that they want to share our family with as many siblings as possible, but...

-We are getting back to school tomorrow. We've been off for a month. The boys only have 6 weeks left and I really want to finish up so they (we) can enjoy our summer. It's not what I originally planned but it's going to work out better. This way they'll have a normal summer verses a super long one.

-Speaking of school...April is free shipping for Abeka. I plan on ordering our curriculum next week. We'll have a 3rd, 2nd, and K. That's hard to believe! Since Brennan's starting 3rd that makes this our fourth year of home schooling. That's insane!

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