Friday, March 20, 2009

Take Heart

-Today is a better day. The main reason is simply because I slept. Last night Anneliese woke up at 2,5, and 8. Having 3 stretches of solid sleep did wonders. Then to add to it my sweet husband allowed me to take a 2 hour nap this afternoon.

-Our little girl is a dream and is the most content little thing. When she's ready to eat she simply stretches and grunts. We've not heard any screaming or crying. One blessing is our little heartbeat bear that was gifted by the Jones'. As long as that is on she's perfectly happy in her bassinet.

-Hannah and I pulled out her swing and it's a hit. She loves it! I actually have to watch the clock because she'd stay in there for hours if I let her.

-The older two boys are heading to A.J.'s tonight for a sleep over and the younger two are having the Dilley boys over for pizza. The four of them are transitioning really well and I felt they deserved a little fun. Thank you Amy and Tash for making my boys feel special.

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