Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pedi Anyone?

Jared came home mid day for the KU game and planned to work a split shift today. He went in this morning and came home for the game (3-5) and then plans to head back in for the evening. I thought I would take full advantage and head out for my baby pedicure.

It's a tradition I've had with each of the kiddos. Nearing the end I head out to have my legs massaged, my feet sanded, and toes painted. The best part is the massage chair. It's quite a lovely experience and now I can go into labor knowing my feet will be beautiful in the stir ups.

My last pedicure was with Graham and I was more than a little offended by the tech. She kept saying how bad my feet were. She insisted that I come in twice a month for a couple months and then go to once a month in order to maintain descent feet. First of all I don't have time or money for such indulgences and second of all try not to insult your clients!!

My mother in law gave me a gift certificate to go back and I declined for fear of being ridiculed again. I instead went to the boutique here near home and decided to take my ipod to discourage any conversation.

Unfortunately another preggo mom sat across from me and asked my due date. I hesitantly removed my ear buds to answer her when the tech at my feet said in broken English, "It's good you're fat. Fat is good for the baby. She looks very healthy."

SO CLOSE! I was just minutes from leaving! I had a wonderful experience. The swelling in my feet was gone by the time he finished. My back was fully massaged and my feet looked wonderful! Why did he have to speak?!

Regardless I gave him a tip. He rubbed down my big ol' legs and worked over my feet (keep in mind I haven't seen them in months). It was a really relaxing experience and well...I am a little chubby :)

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