Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's The Little Things...

Brennan and Tanner just arrived from their sleep over with A.J. They had a great time and seem pretty exhausted.

Tomorrow the two of them are heading to Corbin's house for his birthday. They have quite the social calendar (who says home schoolers aren't social?!). Elijah has been having a hard time without his brothers and isn't too keen on them leaving again tomorrow.

I was trying to think of something we could do for him. Jared and I had a discussion this morning trying to come up with who Eli's buddies are. We thought of several kids we've seen him hang around with but didn't really know who his "best" buddy was.

This afternoon after Elijah found out Tanner was also going to Corbin's he was feeling pretty left out. I asked him, "Elijah who's your best friend? Who do you love to play with?"

Without hesitation he smiled and said, "Cale."

I quickly put a call into Natasha and asked if she would consider taking my little Eli tomorrow so he could play with Cale. She immediately told me "No" (it's what she does) and then said, "Of Course!"

Apparently Cale got a new Wall-E game for his XBox and is eager to show Elijah. The best part is Eli is GIDDY. He's stinking glowing and his precious dimple has become a permanent part of his face.

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