Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fitting In

This working with other humans is tough.

I have had a couple uncomfortable issues with a couple different employees.  My gut reaction is to run for the comfort of home.

None of it is a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but at the same time it's so awkward.  I don't really feel as if I have an ally there yet.  I've tried to be friendly and chatty to which some have responded warmly, others walk away. 

Just pray God will grant a friendly face that I can bond to and get some insight about the dynamics between the employees.  I am a fish out of water. 

There is good news on the training front.  My boss called this am and is eager to get me trained all of a sudden due to a co-worker wanting to step away from a class she teaches.  I went last Tuesday down into the inner city and worked with a group of older adults and absolutely loved it.  The goal is to help them with flexibility and strength so they can be self-sufficient.  We had a precious older lady who was 90 years young doing leg lunges right along with the rest of us. 

I will be doing a very similar class in a different location on Mondays and Wednesday mornings.  It's a great opportunity for ministry.  It's a completely different environment than a fitness facility.  It's very communal and family oriented.  I just pray my group will be similar to the one I witnessed on Tuesday. 

If I'm going to take time away from my family I want to make sure that I'm spending it wisely and being of good use for God.  It's been more than a decade since I've been in this kind of work environment and it's a shock to the system.  All in all it's going to be a growing experience for me and a chance to make a difference outside of my little snow globe.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Roller Coaster Clarifier

In my previous post I quoted myself when recounting my interaction with Brennan. The quote was,"you're my favorite Brennan, I don't know what we'd do without you."

I just want to let all of you know that we tell each of our children that they are our favorite Eli, our favorite Graham and the like.

We also tell them they are the best Tanner etc that God ever made.

I just didn't want anyone to think that we only tell Brennan he's our favorite :)

Rocky Horror Roller Coaster

I love amusement rides.

My favorite are roller coasters.

I'm more than happy to torture my stomach over and over while shaking my body violently. Roller coasters typically rock!

However, there is a new kind of roller coaster that this body is not accustomed to.

It's the Hormonal, Prepubescent, Little Boy roller coaster with the surprise Approaching Two Years Little Girl loopy loop.

Today has been filled with crying, make that bawling. There's been squealing both happy and angry. I have a case or two of growling and outright shouting.

All 5 of my children have shed tears today.

The most bizarre case is when Tanner came running into my room bawling with snot running freely. I was so startled I immediately began questioning him.

"Are you hurt?"
"Is anyone hurt?"
"What's wrong?!"

Tanner, through sobs, began to explain that he asked Brennan what Brennan would consider his worst nightmare. Brennan sweetly said, "To find out that you died would be my worst nightmare."

I assumed Tanner had to have misunderstood Brennan's comment to be negative.  I explained, "Tanner that means he loves you so much he can't imagine losing you, that's a good thing."

Tanner replies, still sobbing with snot pouring, "I know, I didn't know he cared so much."  He then thrusts his head into my chest and continues to sob all while removing his snot river onto my shirt. 

I couldn't help but just stare dumbfounded.  Uh, okay...

The boys were told to clean the upstairs after school today.  They were busy doing a whole lot of nothing so I told them I was coming with a trash bag and anything left on the floor was getting tossed.  This is a common way to light a fire under them.  They all started scurrying and when I got upstairs with the bag I found Brennan half under his bed sobbing. 

When I questioned him he said, "I just feel like no one around here appreciates how hard I work."

I reassured him that we are so very blessed by his help.  We tell him that every night as he goes to bed.  Jared will tease him and I love on him telling him secretly that "you're my favorite Brennan, I don't know what I'd do without you."  He is a big help, but at the same time he has a blessed life of leisure.  He's by no means mistreated or overworked.

Anneliese has taken to throwing her tiny body against things for dramatic affect when she's told "no."  She thrusts herself to the floor and wails all while watching us for a reaction.

If I continue to type with examples just from today, it would be an hour worth of reading.

This momma is ready for bedtime. 

Where's the chicken exit for this ride?!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

-For those of you keeping keeping trackers, Last week I worked nearly 30 hours. This week zero. WEIRD :) I'm going to call this am. Hopefully I'll get some time in training to be a trainer!

-When Anneliese got up this morning I asked her if she wanted to get dressed. She replied,"Ooh ooh ahh ahh?" My question is, how exactly do you deny a tiny redhead when she requests to change into a pair of PJ's covered in monkey's by making monkey noises? I don't think we're going anywhere today, and if we do I'll change her, but for now this is my girl (she's a bit cranky):
-Saturday our garbage disposal decided it was really really done assisting me with my daily housekeeping.  This is an issue since they're pricey and we're at the end of a pay period.  I decided to check craigslist real quick in hopes of a deal.  The Lord provided.  I found a brand new disposal in the box for $50.  It was in Raymore, but after talking to Jared we decided that at least a $50 savings it was worth the drive.  It had a standard size and was able to hook right up where the old one gave up the ghost.  I had it installed in about 15 minutes.  I was so thrilled, my dishwasher finally works and I did three loads of dishes that afternoon to get caught up.  This is the oldie.  There was goo leaking all in the wiring.  Can't imagine that was safe.  Apparently I saved our fam over $200!

-Sophie's kennel is a super cool place to hang out.  I assume you were unaware.  Anneliese was having a ball the other day.  Please excuse the dirty face, I had just gotten her down from the high chair and stripped her down.  The kennel served as her hideout to avoid further clean up:

She's not the first to find the cool hangout, This is Graham a little younger:
-How are you doing non-popers? I had a close call on Saturday with my all day training. The Y had a fridge of pop but no bottled water! How is that possible? I was hurting that day but I made it. A group of us girls went out to Jose Peppers last night and all day I kept thinking, "I need pop with chips!" I had water and did just fine. Chatting away with all the girls made it completely tolerable. For all of you thinking, "I couldn't do it," now's the time to evaluate. If you think pop has that kind of hold on you, now's the time to be obstinate and refuse to let a liquid (really, a liquid) have control over you! It's hard, but possible! You know me, and know this was a huge deal for me. My goal in this 30 days is to take back control!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best Job Ever

This has been a rough week on Dad. I've had to lean on him a lot more than ever before. He's had to get the kids together and bring them to the Y since I go in so early. It's really hard to get all 5 out of the house in a timely manner.

All in all, he's done great. They show up and have all their supplies and even matching clothes. That's success in my book!

Graham and Eli enjoyed a sucker while coloring quietly. From 12-1 the child watch is closed so I have to keep the younger 3 with me. My boss insisted it was okay. Thankfully they were perfectly behaved.
Anneliese manning the desk.
A very kind co-worker of mine, Bert, was smitten with our brood. He gathered them up and took them into the gym where I caught him teaching them a new game. What an incredible environment. It's difficult transitioning to a new way of life, but I have to say Jared's hard work (I wake up to clean dishes each morning) and the Y staff loving on my kids makes it so much easier.

Note the surprise on Bert's face when he turned around. He didn't know I was watching/filming. He was just being kind and thought the kids would enjoy the game wall (think whack a mole but with lights).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Deal With It

I'm in the midst of an exercise revolt.

How exactly do you go from running 30 miles a week to refusing to walk unless food is involved?

I'm not sure of the "how" but I know it's possible.  I'm in the midst of the "I don't wanna" of it all.

Anyone have a Y membership out there?  I need a buddy.  Someone who will be waiting for me, expecting me to workout and to be my guinea pig.  I would love to try and put together a workout routine for us both. 

After finishing a brief 3 hour shift this morning, I left.  It was 8 am, the kids were home safe with Dad and most were still asleep.  I was wearing sweats and instead of staying for a quick workout I went to Wal-Mart. 

I think after running 4 days a weeks for months I need a change of pace.  I'm thinking Zumba, or a cycling class.  Something, I have to get moving or extra weight finds me rather quickly.

Any takers?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just Call Me Sleepy...Or Dopey...Acutally Grumpy is Most Likely

I went from working 0 hours to full time...well, at least it feels like it :)

Apparently, happy medium is not the Y's specialty. 

I work every day this week minus Fri but including Saturday.  It will be a nice paycheck that will give us the boost we're needing and that's a huge blessing.

Today serious progress was made.  I finally (after 3 weeks and change) received a name tag and 2! shirts!  I have been wearing (and washing daily) my pink YMCA hoodie due to the lack of uniform tops.  I am the happy owner of a Personal Trainer shirt in snappy black with gold lettering.  Pretty cool, right?!

I've been working diligently learning a windows machine with all it's stupid pop up windows and ridiculous nonsense.  I had 33 pages to study in order to learn how to sell an individual a membership.  33 pages!   THEN I had to take a test that took me 2 hours to show how much I'd learned.  I would just like to insert here that my husband bought me a Mac, I sat down, and within 15 minutes knew it inside and out.  Just sayin...

Overall I'm really excited about being in this work environment.  I was nervous at first, just the unknown aspect I think.  I am meeting all kinds of new people and I'm really pleased at the overall feel of it.  They really seem to care for one another.  I'm sure there are office politics that I'm just not aware of yet, but so far so good.

The fact that my kids are welcome and received so well brings so much peace.  Today Jared brought the kids in on his way to work.  Since my test took forever, the child watch closed before I was done.  It was perfectly acceptable to bring the younger three (the older two are old enough to swim) into the office where I was working so I could finish up.  No stress, no disapproving glances, they were welcome.

I go in at 5 am tomorrow and Thurs.  It's hard getting used to the early hours, but it works great with our family dynamic.  I worked 6 hours today, came home fed the kids lunch, and now we're finishing up school.  It's a full day but it's doable.

We are so blessed.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mmmm Lunch!

Jared and I decided to have the Youngs over for lunch after church tomorrow.  I feel the need to inform all of you calorie counters out there that nothing in this post is good for you.  Actually the salsa is good!  Yep, just the salsa...

I'll be real honest here and admit, the main reason for the gathering is Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake.  If you'll remember I've made this once before to celebrate Aunt Erin's first Mother's day.  Alisa had an impromptu celebration of all things pumpkin over at the Sweet Life.

Lucky for her I've had visions of cheesecake dancing in my head for weeks!
All I needed was her soft nudging and viola, we have lunch plans.  The funny part was trying to figure out what goes with pumpkin cheesecake. 

We decided beef enchiladas fit the bill.  I searched through my blog looking for my beef enchilada recipe and realized I have yet to share it with you!  I am SO sorry!  I know my brother Jason will appreciate me making this public (He says they're "the bomb").

What you need:
Keep in mind I'm making enough for 2 families, I'll write out the recipe for one 9x13 pan.

1 14 oz can of enchilada sauce
1 29oz can of tomato sauce
1 7oz can of green chilies
1 package of 8-10 burrito sized tortillas
2 lbs of ground beef
1 3cup package of Taco style shredded cheese
16 one inch cubes of Velveeta (assuming you have an 8 count package of tortillas)

Brown the hamburger with the green chilies.  Drain (I rinse it with hot water, but it's not necessary) sit aside.

In a large skillet pour enchilada sauce and tomato sauce.  Stir well.

Prepare Velveeta cubes and set aside.

Spray a 9x13" pan with non stick cooking spray.

One at a time, slide the tortilla's through the tomato sauce mixture, fill with meat (about 1/4c) and place two cubes inside each tortilla.  Roll the enchilada and place seam side down in pan.

This is crazy messy, but creates super moist enchiladas!

Once all 8 (10) enchiladas are filled pour remainder of tomato mixture over enchiladas.

Top with the entire bag of shredded cheese.

Cover with foil and cook on 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes, or until heated through.

These are SO good and a family favorite!  It will be delish with Alisa's homemade salsa, chips, and Spanish rice!

Oh and don't forget, CHEESECAKE for dessert!  I'm hungry just thinking about it!

Friday, October 15, 2010


We hit 60,000 hits sometime yesterday!

I'm blown away!

Thank you so much for reading, you really don't have to but you do anyway.  That amazes me!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quick POP Check In

How are you doing?  Today is day 3 for me.

I am consuming large quantities of tea :)  Sugar free, of course.  Although I do love Splenda.  I'm sure at some point there will be studies saying it causes a third eyeball to emerge from the center of your forehead.  Until then...

I am also enjoying bottled water.  I have several in my fridge and actually drink them on occasion. 

Tell me, are you twitching yet?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On The Sweet Top

Eli ran down stairs and begged for my phone.  He asked how to use the video recorder and he came back with this, listen carefully to Anneliese :) (Thank you to Sydney R who gifted the baby changing table, she LOVES it!)

She Gets It

This morning I was wandering through blog land sipping on a cup of coffee.

The house is cool, a few windows open, and the coffee was soo good.  I slept hard last night and was in a pleasant mood.  I clicked over to facebook and saw Jen at PriorFatGirl had a new post.  I started reading through and catching up on her blog when I saw her post entitled I am a work in Progress

Within minutes I was a crying like a baby.  She gets it.

While on vacation to Omaha, Neb years ago Jared and I went to the Omaha Zoo.  While there, Jared videoed me showing the kids the Macaws.  I was squatted down at the kids' level and pointed up to the birds.  In the video, my belly skin pulled out of my waist band and hung over.  In the shot, a young couple can be seen as they notice my skin and the woman points it out to her spouse and they both grimace.  I was completely unaware until we watched the video back in our living room days later.  I was mortified.  She gets it.

I work hard, exercise hard, and my goal is health.  I am not trying to become some kind of model, or wear a bikini, or achieve some kind of physical perfection.  There are days when I am insecure and no amount of sucking it in, or strength of Spanx can fix what I feel.  She gets it.

This is my comment on her post:

I have to say I had a surprising reaction to the post. I cried, and cried, and cried. I sat in front of the computer reading it over and over until a friend called and snapped me out of it. I lost 86.2 lbs through Weight Watchers. I’ve had 5 children and at my heaviest weighed 270lbs. I have gained and lost weight back down to my goal 3 times since my original weight loss due to pregnancies. Needless to say I have skin around my middle that floats to the surface of the water while bathing. If I were to take a pic on my hands and knees it would look very similar. I have gone through a myriad of emotions over the last 8 years (since achieving my goal). I have been desperate for a tummy tuck but understand that being a preacher’s wife with 5 babies on a single income, plastic surgery is not in my future. I also run and have been training for a marathon (I completed 16 weeks of a 19 week training schedule) this weekend and will not be able to run due to a calcaneal stress fracture. I’ve been feeling as if my body has been failing me. Your line, “I ran 10 miles” was such an encouragement. Even though I can’t run Saturday my longest training run was 16.5 miles. Isn’t that alone a great accomplishment? I’ve birthed 5 beautiful babies whom I cherish. My husband thinks I’m beautiful and I am going to have to let this go. My skin issues do not determine my worth (or lack there of). Thank you for making me “look” at my skin and deal with it so I can move forward.

In the end, I am a child of God.  I am worth something, I am worth everything because HE has redeemed me.  There is no amount of surgery, exercise or diet that can give me value.  My desire is to honor God in all things.  I need to be a good steward over this physical body and focus on worshiping it's Creator.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Retirement Dad!

Sunday afternoon all the Altic's converged and we celebrated Richard's retirement! It was a lot of fun just hanging out, eating, and loving on the most servant minded man we know. It's easy to do for him. In fact, us kids were talking and we can't think of anyone we'd rather do things for. He's easy to serve simply because he spends his life putting everyone else first.

I was giddy to get to make the cake for the party. I had all kinds of ideas, but in the end Jared suggested the simple TWA block letters. It turned out great and tasted nummy to boot!

Sonya did a great job pulling all kinds of TWA memorabilia from Richard and Anita's basement without them knowing. She decorated the tables with all kinds of fun stuff and great pictures.

All in all it was a great success.

Richard's TWA cake sans chocolate :)

What a spread!
An extra little perk was Aunt Judy pulled me aside to talk about cakes. She wasn't aware that I had been dabbling into this fun new (to me) art. She began to tell me about how she'd hoped to decorate cakes in her retirement and has a collection of Wilton cake pans and all kinds of cake decorating supplies.  I told her how all my cakes so far have been done with my 3 (yes, 3 whole tips!) tips and borrowed pans from the church.  The only cake decorating tools I have came from a MOPS door prize several years ago. 

Apparently she's been wanting to clear out the collection and has been hoping to find someone who would appreciate and utilize the equipment!  ME ME ME :)  I am SO excited.  I can't wait to see what all I can do with different shaped pans.  Plus, sweet Dana asked me the other day if I would like to learn how to make flowers and a couple other cake decorating skills.  So fun!

God is so good.  Jared and I are immeasurably blessed by our family, both biological and spiritual.   

Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Challenge

I love POP.  A lot.  I drink it by the bucket full.  I've always said that I will not give up my pop due to the fact that I drink diet soda.  There have been times in my weight management journey where consuming a large cup of cold diet Mt Dew has saved me from a cookie overdose.  I use soda as a tool to avoid foods I shouldn't over consume all while sipping on something I enjoy.

In my side bar I have a link to PriorFatGirl.  I really appreciate/relate to her writings for several reasons.  She lost her mother at a young age.  It was sudden and life altering.  She has lost a lot of weight and is trying to balance health and self image in a skinny obsessed society.  She's a runner and I've enjoyed reading her journey from the 1st mile to her recent 10 mile run.

Today she posted a reader question.  "The Truth About Diet Coke." It's telling that the shear title makes me feel defensive.  Jen (PriorFatGirl) simply posted the readers comment and asked for responses.  I read through multiple opinions and rants about how bad pop is for you.  Until now all those tirades have fallen on deaf ears.

What's sparked the change of heart?

While at the ortho doctor for my stress fracture he recommended that I start taking supplements.  He wants me to take Calcium and Magnesium separately as well as a multivitamin daily.  At 33 I am already showing bone density issues.  I broke my left foot 18 mos ago, I currently have a stress fracture, and he mentioned 2 other spots on my X-ray of healed stress fractures.

Not to mention my peptic ulcer nightmare this summer. I was on 3 different acid reducers for months to allow the holes in my gut to heal.

I would be embarrassed to actually write down how many ounces of soda I drink on a "bad" day.  I also have thyroid issues and have always felt that I struggle more than the average bear to keep my weight gain at bay.  While reading through Jen's readers' comments someone posted a video.  I really think I just needed to see the "how" verses just hearing people's alarmist opinions.

Check it out:

So, here's my challenge. For my bones, my stomach and the scale I hereby give up pop for a month. Some may say, a month? That's it?

Small steps...I'll keep you updated on my progress.  If you want to join my challenge comment and we'll keep each other accountable!  Your thirty days will start from the date of your comment.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

I've been wanting to switch up the blog template and I LOVE it.  What do you think?! 

Any suggestions?  I want it to be attractive and easy to read. 


-I'm needing a camera repair guy.  My friend Wendy was putting a super nice camera out to trash and I rescued it.  I tried to fix it on my own to no avail.  I'd like to see what it would take to repair it.  If you know of anyone/place please let me know.

-Today starts Core eating.  I'm feeling out of control with my food intake.  It's been 3 1/2 weeks since I was running 30 miles a week and I'm still eating the same.  Yesterday I put on a pair of jeans and they about cut me in half.  It's really unfair how fast all that hard work is fading away.  If there's anyone out there that would like some accountability let me know.  We can help each other out!

The Y is offering this awesome program.  When I went in the other day I saw this flier.  It says it starts the 4th but it actually starts Monday (11th) if you're interested.  

I was SO excited.  This is exactly what I want to do!  I went to my boss and asked if I could be a part of a group knowing I'm not trained enough to lead one just yet.  I'm thinking of sitting in on one.  Anyone interested?  If I had friends or family in a group I'd shadow that group.  He said they'll offer it again at the first of  the year and I'll be able to lead one by then.

The fine print says:  Cost $50 YMCA members/$75 non members.  So you can do this even if you don't have a Y membership!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


-Whatcha got cookin? This is whats in my crock pot this morning: Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili.  If you haven't checked Gina out yet now's the time.  She has a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte today and I can't wait to try it!

-I've heard a rumor that Weight Watcher's is about to switch it up big time.  From what I've heard it's a change I have been suggesting for quite some time!  I'm eager for it to be launched so I can get my hands on the new materials.  That's one big negative of no longer being an employee.  I have to wait just like everyone else for the new stuff :)

-I ran two miles yesterday!  That may sound minor compared to my 16 mile jaunt from weeks past but I'm thrilled with it.  I ran with very little discomfort.  There was a tightness but not a sharp pain like in the past.  I hope to go a little further on Wednesday.

-Anneliese really likes to eat cereal.  It's hilarious to watch her try and master the spoon.  She just wants to be like her "bubbas" or "guys" as she calls them.  I'm having scissor remorse over her hair.  It'll be fine in a month or so but she has a thin spot behind her right ear.  I've stared and stared at it.  Last night while she was on my lap I was playing with it and it appears it's my fault.  It's a pretty straight line to be how it grows.  There's no fixing it at this point.  It just needs to grow.  I should've known it wouldn't be perfect since I don't typically cut little girls hair, let alone as they wiggle and giggle.

-I have yet to work a shift at the Y.  I've gone in for paperwork and apparently still have things left to sign.  They called yesterday asking me to come in due to a Code of Ethics form getting missed.  All that means they still don't have my new hire paperwork turned in.  I was hired two weeks ago today.  Does that seem bizarre to anyone else?  Luckily, I don't mind so much.  I'll go in today to sign the form and hopefully someday soon I'll actually be on payroll.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Girl's New Do

I decided to cut Anneliese's hair. This was not an easy decision. She has so much hair in the back and very little up front. She was growing a mullet. It was red and cute, but still a mullet :)

I took two inches off the back and gave her a cute little bob. I left the longer whispies in the front and when she grows bangs some day I'll side sweep them. Until then, she'll have cute little clips and a somewhat inverted bob.

Check out her cuteness:

It was difficult to get a good pic of her because she doesn't sit still. So consider these "active" shots :)


-I didn't go in for the MRI.  First of all it was going to cost us a lot of money.  We have junky insurance and it wouldn't cover it due to not having met our huge deductible.  The Ortho doc was pretty confident I was dealing with a calcaneal stress fracture but wanted to know for sure just in case I thought I was still going to run in October.  Jared and I talked about it a lot and decided the run wasn't worth the financial strain a MRI would put on the family.  My plan is to do as the doc said and just stay under the symptoms.  I'll gradually work back into running as it continues to heal. 

I've done lots of research online and running in the grass and cycling are great ways not to lose my endurance and cardio health I've worked so hard for.  My plan is to start riding my bike over to WyCo park and run in the grass and then ride home.  If it starts hurting I'll just stick to cycling for a while longer.  For now I would like to plan towards the November Turkey Marathon in Overland Park.  It's all dependent on how it feels/heals.

-I went into the Y yesterday.  I have to say I'm a bit disappointed.  Apparently the director misspoke about the health insurance.  They did offer it at the beginning of the year for part time employees but they don't anymore.  She explained to me that it was still really pricey and it was auto deducted from employees checks.  If the employee didn't make enough that month to cover the deductible they ended up owing the Y.  She said there was lots of issues so they dropped it.  Obviously the supervisors are both full time and weren't affected by this change.  They just can't understand how big of a deal this was to us.  It was one of the main reasons I started down this path to begin with.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Gummy Peeps Unite!!

I have a gummy smile.

What's funny about the gumminess of it all is that I was 33 before I really realized it or cared.

I've thought different things about my smile over the years. When I was heavy I thought my smile was too small for my face. Once I lost the weight I realized there was just too much face for my smile :)

There have been different pics over time where I thought my upper lip was a bit turtle-esque and I didn't care for it much. Never did I think, "Hey, my gums show and that's not normal."

While at my brother's wedding I started noticing my family all shares in my gum heavy grin. No wonder it never occurred to me, it's hereditary.

I LOVE my sister's take on it. She smiled big and said, "Of course we have gummy smiles, we don't have horse teeth."

I've done some research and there are those gum haters out there who think this is a big deal. There's surgery to correct it.  I found a picture of a beautiful model who has a gummy smile and there were actually comments saying, "she would be HOT if it weren't for all those gums."  Really?!  We're in good company however. Jennifer Garner has a gummy smile (although she's plumped up the lip a bit to hide it).

This is just another way our society says no matter what you do, "you're not good enough."

Well, lucky for me "society" doesn't get to determine my value.  Psalm 139:13&14 says:

13For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well. 

Our God made me gummy smile and all, if it's "wonderful" to Him then it's wonderful to me.