Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rocky Horror Roller Coaster

I love amusement rides.

My favorite are roller coasters.

I'm more than happy to torture my stomach over and over while shaking my body violently. Roller coasters typically rock!

However, there is a new kind of roller coaster that this body is not accustomed to.

It's the Hormonal, Prepubescent, Little Boy roller coaster with the surprise Approaching Two Years Little Girl loopy loop.

Today has been filled with crying, make that bawling. There's been squealing both happy and angry. I have a case or two of growling and outright shouting.

All 5 of my children have shed tears today.

The most bizarre case is when Tanner came running into my room bawling with snot running freely. I was so startled I immediately began questioning him.

"Are you hurt?"
"Is anyone hurt?"
"What's wrong?!"

Tanner, through sobs, began to explain that he asked Brennan what Brennan would consider his worst nightmare. Brennan sweetly said, "To find out that you died would be my worst nightmare."

I assumed Tanner had to have misunderstood Brennan's comment to be negative.  I explained, "Tanner that means he loves you so much he can't imagine losing you, that's a good thing."

Tanner replies, still sobbing with snot pouring, "I know, I didn't know he cared so much."  He then thrusts his head into my chest and continues to sob all while removing his snot river onto my shirt. 

I couldn't help but just stare dumbfounded.  Uh, okay...

The boys were told to clean the upstairs after school today.  They were busy doing a whole lot of nothing so I told them I was coming with a trash bag and anything left on the floor was getting tossed.  This is a common way to light a fire under them.  They all started scurrying and when I got upstairs with the bag I found Brennan half under his bed sobbing. 

When I questioned him he said, "I just feel like no one around here appreciates how hard I work."

I reassured him that we are so very blessed by his help.  We tell him that every night as he goes to bed.  Jared will tease him and I love on him telling him secretly that "you're my favorite Brennan, I don't know what I'd do without you."  He is a big help, but at the same time he has a blessed life of leisure.  He's by no means mistreated or overworked.

Anneliese has taken to throwing her tiny body against things for dramatic affect when she's told "no."  She thrusts herself to the floor and wails all while watching us for a reaction.

If I continue to type with examples just from today, it would be an hour worth of reading.

This momma is ready for bedtime. 

Where's the chicken exit for this ride?!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Talk about range of emotions! . . . (Me, I mean!) You had me laughing and crying just reading your blog about it!!! Hang in there! Love you all so much!

G'ma Anita