Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

-For those of you keeping keeping trackers, Last week I worked nearly 30 hours. This week zero. WEIRD :) I'm going to call this am. Hopefully I'll get some time in training to be a trainer!

-When Anneliese got up this morning I asked her if she wanted to get dressed. She replied,"Ooh ooh ahh ahh?" My question is, how exactly do you deny a tiny redhead when she requests to change into a pair of PJ's covered in monkey's by making monkey noises? I don't think we're going anywhere today, and if we do I'll change her, but for now this is my girl (she's a bit cranky):
-Saturday our garbage disposal decided it was really really done assisting me with my daily housekeeping.  This is an issue since they're pricey and we're at the end of a pay period.  I decided to check craigslist real quick in hopes of a deal.  The Lord provided.  I found a brand new disposal in the box for $50.  It was in Raymore, but after talking to Jared we decided that at least a $50 savings it was worth the drive.  It had a standard size and was able to hook right up where the old one gave up the ghost.  I had it installed in about 15 minutes.  I was so thrilled, my dishwasher finally works and I did three loads of dishes that afternoon to get caught up.  This is the oldie.  There was goo leaking all in the wiring.  Can't imagine that was safe.  Apparently I saved our fam over $200!

-Sophie's kennel is a super cool place to hang out.  I assume you were unaware.  Anneliese was having a ball the other day.  Please excuse the dirty face, I had just gotten her down from the high chair and stripped her down.  The kennel served as her hideout to avoid further clean up:

She's not the first to find the cool hangout, This is Graham a little younger:
-How are you doing non-popers? I had a close call on Saturday with my all day training. The Y had a fridge of pop but no bottled water! How is that possible? I was hurting that day but I made it. A group of us girls went out to Jose Peppers last night and all day I kept thinking, "I need pop with chips!" I had water and did just fine. Chatting away with all the girls made it completely tolerable. For all of you thinking, "I couldn't do it," now's the time to evaluate. If you think pop has that kind of hold on you, now's the time to be obstinate and refuse to let a liquid (really, a liquid) have control over you! It's hard, but possible! You know me, and know this was a huge deal for me. My goal in this 30 days is to take back control!

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