Tuesday, October 5, 2010


-Whatcha got cookin? This is whats in my crock pot this morning: Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili.  If you haven't checked Gina out yet now's the time.  She has a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte today and I can't wait to try it!

-I've heard a rumor that Weight Watcher's is about to switch it up big time.  From what I've heard it's a change I have been suggesting for quite some time!  I'm eager for it to be launched so I can get my hands on the new materials.  That's one big negative of no longer being an employee.  I have to wait just like everyone else for the new stuff :)

-I ran two miles yesterday!  That may sound minor compared to my 16 mile jaunt from weeks past but I'm thrilled with it.  I ran with very little discomfort.  There was a tightness but not a sharp pain like in the past.  I hope to go a little further on Wednesday.

-Anneliese really likes to eat cereal.  It's hilarious to watch her try and master the spoon.  She just wants to be like her "bubbas" or "guys" as she calls them.  I'm having scissor remorse over her hair.  It'll be fine in a month or so but she has a thin spot behind her right ear.  I've stared and stared at it.  Last night while she was on my lap I was playing with it and it appears it's my fault.  It's a pretty straight line to be how it grows.  There's no fixing it at this point.  It just needs to grow.  I should've known it wouldn't be perfect since I don't typically cut little girls hair, let alone as they wiggle and giggle.

-I have yet to work a shift at the Y.  I've gone in for paperwork and apparently still have things left to sign.  They called yesterday asking me to come in due to a Code of Ethics form getting missed.  All that means they still don't have my new hire paperwork turned in.  I was hired two weeks ago today.  Does that seem bizarre to anyone else?  Luckily, I don't mind so much.  I'll go in today to sign the form and hopefully someday soon I'll actually be on payroll.

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