Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best Job Ever

This has been a rough week on Dad. I've had to lean on him a lot more than ever before. He's had to get the kids together and bring them to the Y since I go in so early. It's really hard to get all 5 out of the house in a timely manner.

All in all, he's done great. They show up and have all their supplies and even matching clothes. That's success in my book!

Graham and Eli enjoyed a sucker while coloring quietly. From 12-1 the child watch is closed so I have to keep the younger 3 with me. My boss insisted it was okay. Thankfully they were perfectly behaved.
Anneliese manning the desk.
A very kind co-worker of mine, Bert, was smitten with our brood. He gathered them up and took them into the gym where I caught him teaching them a new game. What an incredible environment. It's difficult transitioning to a new way of life, but I have to say Jared's hard work (I wake up to clean dishes each morning) and the Y staff loving on my kids makes it so much easier.

Note the surprise on Bert's face when he turned around. He didn't know I was watching/filming. He was just being kind and thought the kids would enjoy the game wall (think whack a mole but with lights).

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