Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Deal With It

I'm in the midst of an exercise revolt.

How exactly do you go from running 30 miles a week to refusing to walk unless food is involved?

I'm not sure of the "how" but I know it's possible.  I'm in the midst of the "I don't wanna" of it all.

Anyone have a Y membership out there?  I need a buddy.  Someone who will be waiting for me, expecting me to workout and to be my guinea pig.  I would love to try and put together a workout routine for us both. 

After finishing a brief 3 hour shift this morning, I left.  It was 8 am, the kids were home safe with Dad and most were still asleep.  I was wearing sweats and instead of staying for a quick workout I went to Wal-Mart. 

I think after running 4 days a weeks for months I need a change of pace.  I'm thinking Zumba, or a cycling class.  Something, I have to get moving or extra weight finds me rather quickly.

Any takers?

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The Lane's said...

if I were there I would join you. I go to the Y here and love it. I don't care for Zumba to be honest but love Body Flow, Scuplt, and Spin Classes. Body Pump is good too but not my fav. I would try different classes with different instructors too. There is one instructor at our Y that I love for Body Flow but don't like her spin class. . . so check them all out!