Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just Call Me Sleepy...Or Dopey...Acutally Grumpy is Most Likely

I went from working 0 hours to full time...well, at least it feels like it :)

Apparently, happy medium is not the Y's specialty. 

I work every day this week minus Fri but including Saturday.  It will be a nice paycheck that will give us the boost we're needing and that's a huge blessing.

Today serious progress was made.  I finally (after 3 weeks and change) received a name tag and 2! shirts!  I have been wearing (and washing daily) my pink YMCA hoodie due to the lack of uniform tops.  I am the happy owner of a Personal Trainer shirt in snappy black with gold lettering.  Pretty cool, right?!

I've been working diligently learning a windows machine with all it's stupid pop up windows and ridiculous nonsense.  I had 33 pages to study in order to learn how to sell an individual a membership.  33 pages!   THEN I had to take a test that took me 2 hours to show how much I'd learned.  I would just like to insert here that my husband bought me a Mac, I sat down, and within 15 minutes knew it inside and out.  Just sayin...

Overall I'm really excited about being in this work environment.  I was nervous at first, just the unknown aspect I think.  I am meeting all kinds of new people and I'm really pleased at the overall feel of it.  They really seem to care for one another.  I'm sure there are office politics that I'm just not aware of yet, but so far so good.

The fact that my kids are welcome and received so well brings so much peace.  Today Jared brought the kids in on his way to work.  Since my test took forever, the child watch closed before I was done.  It was perfectly acceptable to bring the younger three (the older two are old enough to swim) into the office where I was working so I could finish up.  No stress, no disapproving glances, they were welcome.

I go in at 5 am tomorrow and Thurs.  It's hard getting used to the early hours, but it works great with our family dynamic.  I worked 6 hours today, came home fed the kids lunch, and now we're finishing up school.  It's a full day but it's doable.

We are so blessed.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you!
It will take awhile for you to get adjusted to the hours, but this time next month it will be old hat.
I want to protest the way you said you went from working 0 hours to.......
Every time I see you, all you are doing is working!
You just weren't working outside the home, but don't ever say you don't work, job or no. You are a great mom and wife. That is hard work. -Sandy

Cindy Coker said...

I'm glad you have such a great outlook on the amount of hours you are working. That will make all of the difference in the way you feel about your job. Sounds like things are going well for you there so far. I wish they had a daycare at the Wal-Mart I work at. Although my weird hours probably wouldn't mesh with that.

Alisa said...

5am sounds horrid to me, but I know it will actually work great for your schedule. So glad you finally got you new YMCA duds!