Thursday, March 5, 2009


Jared arrived home at 5:15 and offered to take the family to the Legends to walk the baby out. It's such a beautiful day.

We headed out and walked and walked. I went into the new Gymboree outlet and the women working there were wow'd by my physique. They both went slack jawed and wanted to know when I was due. It is funny how people forget just how weird a 9 month pregnant belly looks (at least my 9 month pregnant belly).

After wandering for a hour or so we headed home. Jared and I had asked Grandma Anita to watch the kids in the morning so Jared and I could go out to lunch. She agreed but after thinking on it a bit called back and offered to take all 4 boys for a sleep over.

I immediately agreed knowing the kids would greatly appreciate a break from their moody mother and would have a great time. The funny thing is our boys just don't ever stay away from home. Especially not when Mom and Dad are just sitting at home watching The Office. It's a little odd not to have them here but it will be nice to sleep in and go out to a leisurely lunch. I really appreciate the kids being doted on a bit since I know it's not been a barrel of monkeys here at home.

Now that I think about it tonight would be a very convenient time to go into labor. Are you listening little girl?


Rebecca said...

Oh, girl, do I ever sympathize. We had a few false alarms with Paige and it got old. My false alarms only lasted a week, but I'd NEVER had false labor before. My first two came so fast that I was really scared this one would shoot right on out of me before we could get to the hospital. So, at the first inkling, I'd call the whole family and bring them running only to have to say, "The contractions stopped." Frustrating. If one more person said "baby will come when baby is ready" I would have seriously murdered that person with no regret. I'm so glad you got a little break from parenting and a chance to watch your favorite show and sleep in. (We love The Office too) Anyway, we can't wait to here of Anneliese's arrival. "She'll come when she's ready!" (Ha! Sorry. Just had to make a joke. I know - it isn't even funny at this point, is it?!)


Rebecca said...

Ugh. I can't stand it. I have to correct it. I meant HEAR of Anneliese's arrival.


Shannon said...

Thank you so much for your empathy. I saw a baby story yesterday and there was a woman who went into the hospital for a false alarm 5 times with her second child. That gave me some relief. I feel foolish since she's my 5th. Shouldn't I know by now?!! But we have a little PTSD since Graham was so fast and scary. My OB is sensitive and compassionate when it comes to our history. Tuesday he said, "Your going to have a healthy baby and delivery this time and you just need to be okay with that." Apparently my constant concern with different things has begun to wear on him. I appreciate your kind words and I SOO agree with the, "when she's ready" comments. I'm ready doesn't that count for anything :)

Courtney said...

the baby will com when she's ready :0
Sorry, I couldn't help it :)