Friday, March 13, 2009

Anneliese Keegan is Here!!

After a pretty rough yet quick delivery she made her entrance into the world.  She looks an awful lot like Brennan so far.  Her face looks significantly different already today.  Her face was swollen and bruised due to her rapid descent.

She's super healthy and we're super happy.  Thank you Lord for the 5 precious blessings you have granted us.  Please help us to trust and depend on you for their needs for You are the Great Provider.


Alisa said...

She's beautiful! How did it feel to dress a little one in pink for the first time??

Anonymous said...

I am so there tomorrow!! You call me the min. that you feel like having company and I will be there in a heart beat!!!! I need to get my fix too you know!! Love you!! Tashy

Jenny said...

When will you be coming home?