Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beating the Heat

Jane D and I hit the track early this morning.  Well we went to the track to find it locked up tight.

Piper has a beautiful track that is super attractive and apparently off limits.  So we ran around the different school buildings.  I was surprised how nice it was at 8 am.  We ran and talked between heaving breaths.  I was surprised when we finished that we had worked out for 55 minutes.  I guarantee you that I wouldn't have lasted that long on my own.

I'm so appreciative of having a work out buddy and friend that makes something like running, something to look forward to.

If you are looking to start some sort of health kick, like a diet plan or exercise regime, I highly recommend pairing up.  Odds are, one of you will have will power when the other is on empty.

I plan to run the Waddell Reed 1/2 marathon in October so training begins in the next couple weeks.  Consistency is always my biggest nemesis due to schedules and laziness.

So thankful Coach D  will keep me on task!

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Twisted said...

Awesome picture! I'm saving it. You in front with your longer locks, me and my short cut trying to stay up with you. You Rock! You definitely kept me going farther than I would have alone. But I did notice each lap had tighter corners. LOL. I figured we'd be cutting the sidewalk corners, close to the building, if we went another round. Thank you for running with me. See you in the morning.