Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Well Hello There

-If you have an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad I highly recommend you go into settings, then general, then scan down to restrictions, and turn OFF In-App purchases.  Especially if your children are allowed to play games on the device.  Our innocent little Graham-a-lama who barely reads ok'd $37 worth of upgrades on a free game.  It didn't ask for an iTunes password.  He just had to okay whether or not he wanted to race with this rad new bike!  And what 6 year old wouldn't want to race with a rad new bike??  We found out when we got the iTunes bill.  Literally the next day, Anneliese was playing Cut The Rope, and just kept clicking away as it asked her if she wanted a $1.99 upgrade.  Luckily I caught her at the "are you sure" prompt.  This has been an issue for many an iTunes user to the tune of hundreds of dollars.  I'm so thankful our first and only issue was only a $37 stupid tax verses so much more.

-I've been Facebook free for a couple weeks now.  I've only gotten on a handful of times (less than 5).  I have to say it's very freeing.  I've been listening to Joyce Meyers podcasts on my phone while I work out.  She has a sermon series on Peace.  I got so tickled when she said, "You want to keep your peace??  MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!"  How much of your stress and worry are because you have information you shouldn't have??  Information you seek out?  Facebook has created a busy body in me and it's time I put her to bed. 

-Will it ever rain again?  My yard sounds like I'm walking on potato chips.

-I have every intention of running the 1/2 in October.  Problem is, my intentions haven't been running as often as they should in order not to die during said run.  I'm looking for my motivation, let me know if you find it.

-I'm coming to terms with the fact my summer is 2/3's over.  I'm trying to gear up for the upcoming school season.  It's time to take inventory of what books we need, what we already have (Thank you Jane D.!) and how exactly I want to go about this new year with my 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th graders.  Can you believe it?  I figure by the time I graduate Anneliese I will have this down to a science.  I wonder if private schools can hire homeschool mom's who've educated their children?  Talk about experience in the field!

-I'm actually excited about schooling older kids.  Letting them explore and read to supplement is exciting simply because it requires less of me, not to mention seeing their individuality really come out.  My eldest has peach fuzz on his upper lip.  My babies are growing rapidly and will be deciding what it is they want to do with their lives.  It's such a blessing to be able to see their giftedness and encourage them in that direction.


twisted said...

Your motivation ran away from mind and they are hiding until all the housework, schoolwork, track program writing are all done. Well, I hope they don't stay away that long. It's never ending. Next week for sure, we have to chase them down together.

Shannon Altic said...

I've been sick this week too so that doesn't help. I'm finally feeling better and thinking about some treadclimber time. Does thinking count????

Next week it is ON!!