Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Hot, In Case You Hadn't Noticed

-Thank you all for your support and wisdom on the Facebook topic.  It's been a real blessing to just not have it on my phone.  I didn't realize how often I was accessing it until I removed it and it seems odd to not have my phone in my hand.  I've gotten on briefly once a day in order to see things I was tagged in.  I'm feeling better and better about it with each passing day.

-Ever heard of Body Brushing?  This is a new part of my daily regime.  With significant weight loss and 5 babies in my past I have a lot of skin damage.  This is very simple and is really calming.  My friend Wendy says it reminds her of a massage.  It's definitely something I will do from now on.  I can already tell a difference in several problem areas (including that unsightly sagging upper arm skin, you know, the part that keeps waving even after you stop?)  I highly recommend it!

-We are in the process of refinancing our house.  Already, you say??  With interest rates at their lowest in history, we will benefit from an even lower rate than we locked in when we purchased the house.  With our friend, realtor, and mortgage broker David Britt, it's a simple painless process and we appreciate him so very much.  He has been an amazing advocate for us through the whole process starting over a year ago.  If you need to refi, purchase, or sell a home please consider him (tell him we sent you :)).  He worked tirelessly for us and we wouldn't have the home we have if it weren't for him.  Love him, did I mention he's great?  Because he is... 

 -I chopped my hair, well actually Mindy C. chopped my hair.  I finally did what I've wanted to do for quite some time.  I love love love it and it feels so much lighter and cooler for summer!   About 6" off the back and it's by far the shortest I've had it in about 11 years.  The first thing my little girl said was, "Mommy!  We match!!!"  I'm seriously considering a pretty dramatic color change too.  I'll keep you posted :)  Thank you Mindy!  If you need a stylist ask for Mindy Cook (she's the only Mindy) at Beauty Brands at the Legends, she's awesome.  Tell her I sent you (apparently this blog is a commercial :))
-In attempt to lower our skyrocketing electric bill I looked up ways to clean/tune up your AC unit.  I went outside and sprayed down the outside of the condenser unit.  It was bad, surely that will help.  Then we switched out the filter.  We also covered all the downstairs vents with the magnetic vent covers and placed a large round fan at the base of the stairs blowing all the cool air back upstairs.  It's making a huge difference already.  The upstairs is much cooler, now let's hope the bill is much lower!

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