Friday, August 10, 2012

Wrap Up

So I had an entire blog that I wrote full of wit and wisdom (I'm sure) and I clicked "close" at the top of the page instead of "preview" and it disappeared into oblivion.  GAH!

Life has been wonderfully chaotic lately.  I have been babysitting and cake decorating like a mad woman.  God always brings jobs just when we need it the most.  I love how He provides as long as we are willing to work for it.

Our sweet neighbors, who have a daughter Anneliese's age, are moving to Germany for 3 years!  Jeremy (the husband) is already gone leaving Vanessa to pack and prepare for the move with a 1 and 3 year old.  We have been helping by babysitting the girls Tues, Wed, and Thursdays.  Anneliese is in hog heaven with two little extra girls in the house.

We also have Grayson R. on M, W, F and sweet Mason on occasion.  It's been busy but fun.  I've been working in my runs believe it or not.  Jane, Katie, and I are headed to the Fort early in the AM for a run in honor of the fallen.  I'm thankful for the friends God has granted!

Gale and Cecil R. celebrated 40 years of marriage on Sunday and their girls requested I make a 4 tiered cake similar to their wedding cake.  I decided to take on making home made fondant and it was quite the experience.  I'm thankful to have it done and I will be less intimidated to do another now that I'm familiar with the process. 

Tanner helped me make all the roses by hand.  He loved the creative aspect of it and I loved his help.

Saturday night I started the process of putting all the pieces together.  All in all Jared and I figured the cake (and a sheet cake) took about 30 hours (this includes baking all the pieces and making all the icing).  I really think the more I do fondant the less time intensive it will be. 

Here was the final product and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  The big cake was gone.  Every last bite. 
Please forgive the debris in the background. I took a pic as soon as I finished to show my mom :)

We plan to start school soon.  We have some books we need to get still and as soon as they arrive we start in full swing.  I'm actually eager to get started so we have our schedule back.  I think my kids have had more than their fair share of video games over this very hot summer.

As soon as things simmer down a bit I plan to get back to the discipline of blogging regularly.  I pray your summer has been full and blessed!

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