Wednesday, September 10, 2014

He Loves You

On Jared's day off we were headed to the lake for some family time.  A work related call came in and he jumped out of the truck to provide the caller with privacy.  

I don't think anyone can understand the commitment this man has to the church but his family.

We see him sad after hours of counseling.

We see him happy when people reunite and reconcile.

 We see the sadness and empathy pouring from his pores after the someone suffers the death of a loved one.  The emotional fatigue that sweeps over him while he loves on those who mourn and prepares for a funeral that will help bring closure to those who remain.

We are witness to the faint light in the office during the early morning hours as he puts final touches on his sermons and Sunday school lessons.

He loves you, he prays for you, he weeps with you and for you.  God has granted him an extra dose of empathy and sympathy to make him an effective minister.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  As his wife, I ask that this October you would say an extra prayer for him.  Prayers for God to sustain him, fill him, grant him rest.  When you see him, bless him with words of encouragement.

He doesn't desire gifts, he doesn't desire accolades, he is content serving where he knows he is called. 

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