Friday, July 4, 2014

8 Years Too Long

As most of you know, my dad died 8 years ago July 22.

I have a brother and a sister that live in Colorado that I had not seen since his passing.

We just got home from an epic 3500 mile trek across North Central US and part of that trip was reuniting with my siblings.

There are 310 pictures from our trip so I decided to break them down into locations and post separate blogs of my favorites.

The best part of the trip was reconciling and loving on my baby brother and sister.  The peace that I have now is one I hardly recognize.  I feel so blessed.

Driving into Grand Junction from the direction we did brought us right into where he lived.  As we got within 100 miles of Junction the tears began to flow and I began sweating in anticipation.  This was by far, one of the most difficult things I have done as an adult.

Grand Junction is where he lived.  Where we visited him.  I had nightmares for a year after he died that I would go there searching for him and not be able to find him.  I had sworn I wouldn't ever go back.

There are two people that made it all better, made it worth it.  Heather and Matt, I love you and am so thankful for how loving and gracious you are.  It was a blessing to my entire family to be able to sit and soak you up.  Thank you for taking the "boogie man" out of coming to Grand Junction.  Thank you for closure and new beginnings.  I can't help but think as we approach the 8th anniversary of losing Dad, that he would be so happy.   Here are some of my favorite pics of that evening.
So very happy to be together

Such a goof ball

Love the similarities

Same hands, same love of black diamonds and Silpada

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