Saturday, July 5, 2014

Devil's Tower

I hope you are still hanging in there :)  We have a few more stops and whole lotta pics we want to share.  I'm sure during this vaca and the postings after I've lost more than a few Facebook friends due to the constant barrage.  It's okay, I know there's some family (my mom) and church members (Jared's mom) enjoying this.

After being in Yellowstone all day we headed to Cody, Wyoming.  On the drive we decided to see where we were on our budget.  We were way under on food due to the generosity of family (Steve, Ron, Vicki, Heather and Travis).  So we decided to treat the kids.  We stopped at a BBQ place just inside Cody and let each of them order what they wanted off the menu.  No sharing, no splitting fry orders.  You would've thought it were Christmas morning. With full bellies and exhausted bodies we checked into our hotel and crashed.

Next stop, Devil's Tower.  This is the mountain that was in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Jared's favorite movie of all time.  It was super cool.  We hiked 1.3 miles around it's base.  The kids were pretty fascinated by it.  Enjoy a few pics :)
This was a bathroom break on the way to Cody, even potty stops are incredible!

Devil's Tower

My little Holly Hobby has a rough life :)

Holding up the rock

Scenic overlook on the trail around Devil's Tower

taking a breather

Just incredible

Probably my favorite famfie.  That girl is too much!

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