Saturday, July 5, 2014

Yellowstone National Park

On Sunday afternoon we went to church with Sean and Becca and Vicki and Ron at a local church where Sean and Becca gave their presentation from MAF (missionary aviation fellowship).  My eldest two, who have a great interest in missions and aviation, acted as if they had met their soul mates after watching the video of a day in the life of Sean :)

We headed out to Grand Junction Sunday afternoon to visit my siblings.  You can read about that visit HERE.  We stayed overnight in Grand Junction and then headed to Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Monday was just a travel day and it was loooooooong.  Once we got there we checked into what appeared to be a seedy hotel, but ended up being our favorite.  2 huge rooms and a great pool and hot tub, we just swam and relaxed all evening.

Tuesday morning we headed 2 hours to Yellowstone.  A beautiful drive, and Yellowstone was amazing.  We saw countless Bison, an elk so close we could touch it (not quite but almost!), a moosen (purposeful typo for all you Bryan Reagen fans),  and some of the rudest people on the planet.  Just a quick note to all you travelers out there, just because you are on vacation does NOT mean you are the ONLY ones on vacation.  A tiny bit of consideration for others goes a long way.  Our kids got a tough lesson on being kind to others even when they don't deserve it.

We ate lunch right inside the park and then spent the day checking out all kinds of amazing mud pits, geysers, animals, mountains, and searching for bears.  It was an amazing day.  I would definitely go back and explore the parts we weren't able to get to.  Here's some pics
This was Daddy's idea :)

So many great places to stop and take pics

Eli took pride in taking pics of Jared and I with the scenery

This is has zero zoom.  We were that close to an elk :)

The only bear we saw :)

Another of Eli's pics
Famfie (family selfie) at one of the pools in Yellowstone

Best friends
We kept wondering what the first person who came upon it must've thought!
Dragon Mouth Spring, we all thought this was amazing

Waiting for Old Faithful who wasn't so faithful or impressive really

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