Sunday, July 6, 2014


After leaving Deadwood we headed to Crazy Horse.

Jared insisted that we go and I really felt underwhelmed by the idea.  I'm so thankful he won out because it was really neat.

We went in and watched the movie explaining the how and the why.  My favorite part was the original artist had 10 children and even though they had been offered 10 million dollars from the government on two separate occasions, they turned it down both times.  They wanted to do the project privately and it is completely funded by donations and the proceeds of tourism.

The kids loved the video.  They showed the dynamite and explosions.  They were fascinated!

After Crazy Horse we tried to take scenic Needles Highway (see youtube video) over to Mt. Rushmore.

Unfortunately for us, a RV was just convinced the rules didn't apply to him and he went through and got his RV stuck in one of the tiny tunnels and we were forced to turn back.

So we turned around and headed to Mt. Rushmore on the main highway and unfortunately came from behind the mountain so the Presidents appeared in our rear view mirror as we made our way around the front of the mountain.  Regardless, it was beautiful and we all really enjoyed it.  We decided to take advice from our friend Ryan M. and treated the family to the best ice cream we've ever tasted.  We had Thomas Jefferson's original recipe for vanilla ice cream.  Very much worth the cost.  DELICIOUS!
Crazy Horse, The girl was sneezing :)

Crazy Horse

Mt. Rushmore

Best ice cream EVAH

Mt. Rushmore

They loved it

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