Sunday, July 6, 2014

Deadwood, South Dakota

After leaving Devil's Tower we headed to Deadwood, South Dakota. 

We arrived in the evening on Wednesday and the town was super quaint and the scenery was beautiful.  We stayed in a Comfort Inn that was brand new and had the nicest amenities.  There was a tiny little water fall right by the parking lot and the rooms were beautiful.  We were very impressed since our family stayed there for only $99. 

Thursday morning we met up with Dustin (Jared's brother) and his family.  They made a stop in Deadwood on their way to Montana.  Their vacation was just beginning as ours was coming to a close.

We spent the morning wandering around downtown and visiting the little shops.  Jared and I enjoy the history of the town and actually have watched documentaries and read quite a bit about it so that was neat for us.  Unfortunately, the history is one of brothels, outlaws, murder and the like.  I wouldn't exactly call Deadwood "child friendly."  There were slot machines in every building and there were shops named after brothels. 

We ate lunch in a neat Diner that was located in the town's very first gas station.  I tried bison which was very good!  

We stopped in at the Adam's Museum.  That was fascinating, and the kids actually really enjoyed all the information and pictures. 
The cousins in Deadwood

Historic Seth Bullock hotel

Perfect size coffee grinder for home!


Just chillin in Deadwood

Mmmmm Coffee

Adam's Museum

The Courthouse

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