Saturday, January 11, 2014

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur

After our sweet little Ping passed we started looking for another kitty.  If you're keeping track at home that would be a replacement kitten for the replacement kitten we adopted when we lost Sophie.

It's getting absurd. 

I saw an ad on Craigslist that had a female black and white kitten only 8 weeks old.  So I called the gal and made arrangements to go get "her."  The lady told me she had two kittens that were sisters and just loved each other and would love it if I would take both.  Jared and I were super hesitant but discussed it and pretty much decided we would make the call when we got there since one was supposedly "skittish."  Not really wanting a forever pet that won't let us pet it.

We Ft. Scott (ok, not really but it felt like it).  I pulled into a dilapidated mobile home where a woman was waiting for me in the cold with two cats (not kittens) where using her as a scratching post.  They were petrified and she was screaming at a neighbor's dog to "GO HOME."  I'm sure that helped the poor terrified cats that were climbing her face. 

She obviously didn't want me in her "home" so she met me at my truck.  I rolled the window down only to be accosted by the smell of the animals.  The whites of their bodies were golden with urine and the stench was overwhelming as she began to tell me the one we came for was actually a male and the skittish one was a female.  The cats that were supposed to be "9 weeks on Tuesday" were at least 5 months old and had swollen bellies from worms. 

Obviously, these poor pitiful creatures are not what we were wanting/hoping for but I couldn't leave them there.  She had told me she had 9 golden retriever puppies and 4 more kittens in that trailer.  These little inbred creatures needed someone to rescue them.  So I handed her the $15 fee and put the kitties in our pet carrier and cried all the way home. 

They had fleas, ear mites, worms, and who knows what else.  So I bathed them, treated them, vaccinated them, and found a sweet family that took them in for barn cats. 

Poor Graham sat on the floor and cried and cried as the family picked them up for their new home. 

It's been an eventful two weeks full of tears (after the loss of our sweet kitten) and stress.  My hands are scratched beyond recognition from forcing de-wormer on those poor cats.  I feel like, if nothing else, rescuing those little helpless creatures was righting the wrong against our poor little Ping. 

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