Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kelby James

Kelby is front and center :)
Due to the family not being able to get together for Christmas until today, the Altic's planned a big gathering full of food, fun, and presents up in Platte City this morning.

Unfortunately my children started vomiting last night.  In order to spare you the details, just know not a lot of sleep happened last night.  Just cleaning and shampooing carpets.

I decided to to run up to the in-laws and exchange our gifts so the kids could still have their Christmas. 

Within moments of arriving, Kelby quietly walked up and stood next to me waiting for me to stop chatting.  Patient kid :)

As soon as I took a breath he handed me a small thoroughly wrapped box.  With bright eyes he said, I bought you a Christmas present with my own money.  With a little prompting from Alanna, he explained that he needed to decide to give me the gift for Christmas vs my birthday in March.

I opened the box to reveal a silver cross necklace. 

Kelby explained that he wanted to give it to me now because he knows I've been so sad since we lost our kitty. 

What a sweet, considerate little boy.  I love you Kelby James. 

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