Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fall Photo Shoot with the Monkeys

I spend so little time on here I didn't realize that I had prepared this blog months ago and it never posted! Here are some pics we took in the front yard when the leaves were at their best. The kids were not very patient and were super goofy. We took about 20 pictures in about 10 minutes. If nothing else I have pics of them at this stage which was the point :) Brennan 13, Tanner 12, Elijah 9, Graham 7, Anneliese 4. Love them.


JenHaggerty said...

So Happy to see you blogging again! I missed it. :) And, that is such a Graham picture! <3 him!

Shannon Altic said...

Awe, thank you. I'm glad someone reads it :)

Anonymous said...

I've missed it, too! You are so good at sharing your thoughts and experiences! And I love the pictures!

Love you,
Mom Anita