Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great Wolf Celebration Round 1

After such a busy week last week and then weekend with the revival, we are finally celebrating Eli's 9th bday. 

Elijah turned 9 on Sunday and we presented him with a card and passes to swim at Great Wolf Lodge!
All for one and one for all!
They were all so excited that when I got up this morning they were already in their swimsuits.  In fact I found my daughter like this:
She is ready to swim, but Daddy is still sleeping
Ok mom, one pic then can pleeeease go in??
Birthday Boy!
Made me giggle
Best Day Ever
We are all having a wonderful time.  Jared and I are even zipping down the slides.  So much fun.  We're home for a bit for lunch and to relieve the dogs and then we're back at it!!!!

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