Monday, March 18, 2013

Graham Ryker Is 7!!

**I scheduled this to post on the 16th.  Not sure why it didn't**

March and April bring big changes in our home.  Mom, then Anneliese, Now Graham, and soon Elijah.

Our tiny weirdo is 7 today!  That is unreal.  He had such a rough beginning and just a few weeks after his birth my dad passed and this little man brought so much comfort to me.  His bright smile and silly spirit brought light and smiles in a very dark time.  I will always be grateful to God that he gave us Graham at exactly the right time.

From this:
To This:

Our goofy little boy has had us giggling from the beginning.  Love you Graham Ryker!  I can so see you being the next Tim Hawkins, making people laugh til their sides hurt.

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