Saturday, August 30, 2014

Moving The Girl Downstairs

This transition was a labor of love. This room of the house was the worst off when we bought it. The sliding glass doors allowed it to be completely shut off from the rest of the house. It had such a horrendous smell of dog urine that we had to open the windows and exterior door (which is now removed) and let it air out before we could even enter it. A whole lot of bleach and several mopping sessions made it inhabitable. Even still, we didn't really use it for anything but storage and a place for the dog's kennel. I don't have a single "before" pic of the room as we used it. I can only assume it's because we never really knew what to even call it. It was such an odd space and not one I never decorated it or used it daily. Due to the sliding glass doors, the home appraiser when we purchased the house wouldn't allow this 13'x15' room to count towards our square footage. Not only was it weird and hard to explain, but it didn't increase the value of our home. The odd space actually decreased the value.

After a lot of hard work and very little money, we have a wonderful space that she LOVES.  We are so thankful to Richard for helping so much.  Anneliese loves her "princess doors" and still thanks us regularly for her new room and is SUPER eager to give a tour to anyone who visits.  
First thing's first, remove sliding glass door
I had to retape/mud/sand/texture all the seams due to them popping free
removed exterior sconces and replaced with girlie interior sconces :)

Paint($10 mistint) is dry, time for carpet and padding

I installed this myself (HARD WORK!) with a remnant from NFM

Little girl approved

View outside her window BEFORE
After, cleaned up and planted some flowers outside her windows

The flowers are right outside

moving furniture in

Little girl must have, lacy curtains
This is as "made" as her bed gets :)

Above her bed
Beautiful French doors from bedroom side

Beautiful French doors from living room
After all that, I was actually sad her first night down there.  The empty room upstairs served as a reminder that she was no longer an infant or toddler needing to be near mom and dad.  Instead she is a big girl, in a big room, downstairs with all the big kids :)

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