Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our New/Favorite Office Space!

Now that we've talked about how we found ourselves in this beautiful neighborhood/home HERE and showed you Anneliese's room's transformation HERE we can move onto the our favorite part!

This office space (where I currently write) is an incredible blessing.  While on our epic road trip this summer we had hours upon hours to chat and discuss this and that.  I brought up the idea of switching rooms sooner rather than later.  We have this pipe dream that someday we will remove all the carpet (remember the pet damage??) on the main floor and replace it with hardwood or a nice laminate.  We figured by the time we would be able to financially take on such a project one or more of the boys would have moved out and we could move Anneliese downstairs to one of the existing bedrooms and turn the upstairs bedroom into an office with matching hardwood floors.  I had the idea of making the odd space downstairs a bedroom and creating the office now so we could benefit from it sooner.

Jared was intrigued by the idea and after much discussion about removing those sliding glass doors, removing the drafty ill fitting exterior door in the downstairs space (not wanting the girl to escape), we realized it was actually a pretty great idea.

In true Shannon fashion, as soon as we arrived home from vacation, I hit the ground running.

Here is the best pic I could find of her room upstairs before the office transformation.  It was slightly different right before we moved her just because she has a different bed, but you get the idea. 
She loved the apple green
bye bye apple green hello chocolate!
All painted and a bit nervous, SO DARK
Found THE curtains at Target

Found a great desk on craigslist
A couple visitors chairs and a desk chair cheap!
Jared insisted on something other than the pink and green chandelier :)

A little spray paint for G'pa Ted's oak lamp
brought up the old bookshelves and some odds and ends

Ordered a way cool map from Amazon $27!

Such a difficult room to photograph due to the wall color.  All we have left is to frame in the map.  If I could use one word to describe it it would be "soothing."  We all love it.  We do school in there every weekday.  Jared has already spent countless hours working in a comfortable space with his shoes off and in the comfort of his own home.  A door shuts easily for privacy and the guest bath right outside the door makes this just a perfect space for both personal and professional use.  I am so glad we didn't wait another minute.  We absolutely love it. 

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