Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's The Little Things

Growing up, one of my very favorite memories is sitting around a fire with my Dad.

I spent time with him in the summers but even in the July heat he would start a fire in his fire pit and we would sit a comfortable distance and gaze into it while eat Pizza Hut pizza on a Friday night.

We would always have a fire when we would camp.  In fact, he started a fire in order to cook my very first rainbow trout.  It was the only fish we caught but he cleaned it and prepared it just for me.

I have always desired a fireplace and when we moved into this house I was giddy to finally have one.  The problem is, it's a gas fireplace meant for aesthetics only.  Our utilities here are so high already, I couldn't justify running it just for looks.

My friend Katie R. suggested we install a blower because they had and really enjoy it.

So I set out to find more information.  I watched a YouTube video and read up on our specific fireplace.  It is compatible with a blower and even has a plug in for power.  YAY!

I shopped a little and found a great deal in an eBay store.  $60 delivered. 

It came today.
I wasn't expecting to have to wire it.  Fortunately it wasn't too terribly difficult and only took and extra 10-15 minutes. 
I took the front off the fireplace in order to clean the glass.  It needed it and looks so much better.  The blower actually installs underneath.  I had my coffee and my laptop, tools of the trade.
It's really surprising how dusty/dirty this whole process was.  That dark pile near on the carpet near the fireplace was insulation that had dropped onto the logs at some point.  It was burnt but not burned up.  Bizarre. 
Everything installed and put back together.  Now for the wait.  The blower has a heat sensor that doesn't allow the blower to start until the fireplace is 120 degrees.  That felt like an eternity!!  I was desperate to know if I had done it all right.  Within about 10 minutes there was a faint hum and warm air began flowing from the top vent.  I was so excited I welled up.  YAYAYAYAY!!!  A functional fireplace with purpose. 
The kids are as excited as I am.  Anneliese came and sat down to enjoy the warmth so Brennan decided to sit on her lap and tell her all he wanted for Christmas.  We were all cackling.  The only thing I heard on his list was a potato. 

I am so thankful.  Such a small thing, but so meaningful to me.  Makes my heart warm on this cool morning.

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