Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shannon's 8 Favorite Things

Typically around this time of year I like to write a blog about different things I came across over the past year that I just loved.  There are several products that I have been super stoked about so I thought why not do it again?!  So here we go...

-I was a nail biter all of my childhood and off and on throughout adulthood.  I have been nail biting free for a few years but never had much in the way of growth until I went gluten free due to my health.  Now that I'm absorbing nutrients my nails grow beautifully and I want to paint them!  The problem was nothing stays on my nails.  Any kind of polish chips and peals away almost instantly.  My friend Jenny suggested I try Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy (no light required).  I bought one and tried it and had color last for two days.  Better but not awesome, so I tried wiping down my nail bed with rubbing alcohol first then painted and it stayed for 3-4 days before chipping.  Then I bought the top coat that goes with the polish and got 5 days and changed the polish because I wanted a new color not because it chipped off!  Success!!!!  Found at Wal-Mart and Target
There are so many colors, I must have them ALL
-While on the topic of all things girlie...Since getting my braces I have felt a new found confidence in my smile.  I never wore any kind of lipstick or lip gloss.   I didn't really want to draw attention to a source of insecurity.  Now I can't get enough and I love love love to wear lipstick.  My friend Jenny (the beauty source:)) introduced me to a new idea called lip stain.  There are several different brands but the one I have found that stays on literally for 24 hours is Covergirl Outlast All Day Lip Color.  This stuff does not come off unless you use makeup remover.  It comes with a moisture stick and when you need to freshen up just apply the moisture stick and you're good as new!  Ob-sessed...  Found at Wal-Mart and Target.

-I have teenage boys.  Teenage boys are gross.  Teenage boys have acne.  My teenage boys have painful acne on their backs.  No worries, I found the best product for just such an issue.  Acne Free Body Clearing Spray.  It's a little pricey (IMO) at $10 a bottle but it works and my boys were really thankful when I brought it home.  It works much like continuous spray sunscreen.  Just shower, spray on, let dry and viola! I purchased ours at Target.

-I have never been shy of my love for coffee.  This last year I have been enjoying KC Roasterie beans.  I absolutely love it and I can buys 2.5lbs of it at Sams for $16.  I buy a bag a month and I literally look forward to drinking it in my French Press every single morning.  I could go downtown and get it directly from the Roasterie but Sams is a mile away and a cheaper.  Deliciousness

-I love hair products.  Especially stuff that smells amazing and makes my hair soft.  I was wandering Home Goods with Alisa while she was looking at hand lotion.  I came across this brand I had never heard of, Theorie.  I have some Argan Oil that I use as a leave in conditioner and this has argan oil in it so I took off the lid to have a sniff.  OH MY WORD.  I am madly in love.  Every shower is like aromatherapy and my hair is so soft.  I use the orange which is the Ultimate Hair Reform.  I have been able to find this at T J Max and Home Goods. 

-My sister, Heather, came to visit in October.  She has red hair to her waist.  I had my hair uber long for a decade but cut it a couple years ago due to health issues.  Even though my hair has recovered and is super healthy, I hadn't let it grow back out.  After spending a week with her and her long red locks the desire to grow mine back out has returned.  I started doing some research on vitamins and found rave reviews for Ultra Hair Nourish from GNC.  I purchased a bottle and within two weeks I started noticing new hair growth.  After a month my hair had grown two inches and was significantly thicker due to all the new growth.  I told Jenny and she is having the same response.  If you want to add thickness or length to your hair (it also has a huge impact on my nails) I highly recommend.  I purchased at GNC at the Legends but is available online through Amazon. 

-We have 5 kids, 2 cats, and a dog.  4 of those kids are stinky boys.  I found these Glade Automatic Air fresheners and I put several of them throughout the house.  We have one at the front door, one in our bedroom, one each of the boys' bedrooms and one in the living room downstairs.  They take a generic sized aerosol can that comes in a variety of scents.  I tend to grab refills at Sams because they're the most affordable.  Right now our fresheners are sporting Air Wick's Enchanted Holiday.  I typically have some sort of clean laundry scent.  They send a puff of goodness out into the air at timed intervals.  Ours can be set for every 9, 18, or 36 minutes.  This keeps our house smelling lovely and less like a herd of people and animals live here ;)

-My husband is a nerd.  He loves to research things.  When he got his truck a couple years ago he set out to find the perfect phone mount.  He wanted something to hold his phone that would stay put and didn't look like he made it in craft class.  After much research he decided on ProClip.  They are custom made to your make and model of vehicle.  They snap into place and match the dash board so it looks as though it is meant to be there.  He has had his for a couple years but this year insisted I get one for my suburban since I now have the massive iPhone 6+.  I was hesitant, just didn't see the necessity but now that I've had it a week or so I absolutely love it.  This makes navigation amazing and no phones slipping around the car during turns.  These have to be ordered online from Po-Clip USA.

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