Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Post is Gluten Free

Hellloooo Blogland!

How have you been?

Me?  Well I've been a bit of a sick mess honestly.

That's a big part of my lack of blogging.  My life has had a bit of a turn over in the last couple weeks.  I've dealt with some health issues off and on for a while and after going to an Endocrinologist we think we finally have a diagnosis. 

I was convinced I had a thyroid disorder, hence the Endo appt.  After giving the doctor my list of symptoms she simply said, you sound like you have Celiac sprue, or Celiac disease.

Umm, no I don't. 

I know others with this and I'm not like them. 

Without getting into too much gory detail, I don't have the two tell tale signs of Celiac

I do however deal with, abdominal pain and ulcers in duodenum (small intestine).  The abdominal pain has been so severe in the past that an ER visit was seriously considered since I thought I was dying.  I have hair loss, fatigue, joint pain, bloating and other bowel issues along with bruising all over, depression, headaches and anxiety. Let alone the fact that I catch every cold, flu, sniffle, etc.  I can't seem to stay well for more than a weeks time.

She drew a ton of lab and I went home very confused and little scared honestly.  Doesn't eating Gluten Free mean I will never have a hot cinnamon roll again?  Or my homemade rolls, or stuffing, or cookies, or or or or or.

I came up with a list as long as the Mississippi, all things I will never enjoy again!  I decided to read all I could find on the internet because I was sure she was wrong.  Unfortunately, everything I read only proved I really didn't know that much about it. 

My doc put me on a Gluten free diet and told me that I would start to feel better within a couple weeks.  At first I didn't feel better at all and was sure it was all for nothing. 

Sure enough, within about a 3 weeks time my tummy issues have almost completely resolved.  My joint pain is still there but she said it would take the longest to go.  I'm so thankful for the turnaround and am eager to see if I continue to improve. 

Next I've got to decide whether or not to have the kids tested.  Brennan has some symptoms and seems to have an obvious reaction to a lot of foods.  Plus the fact that he can't seem to gain any weight makes him an obvious candidate.  After getting really sick on some Sam's club pizza today, he actually asked me if he could try Gluten free to see if he would feel better.

I am so thankful for such supportive friends!  Jane, Alisa, and Dana have made this  so much easier and I'm blessed beyond measure to have you all in my life.  Today Gluten free pizza crusts were delivered to my front door from "a friend."  Well thank you friend!  Last night Alisa brought me some GF flour to try and I made delish pumpkin muffins today.  Alisa encouraged me to work on GF cakes so I could offer them for Celiacs wanting a custom cake.

God is good!

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Anonymous said...

You're going to do fine on the gluten free diet. So fine in fact, I think I'll just start coming to your place for dinner, make that 3 of us. From what I've heard about the GF dinners on Wednesday night, I'm missing out on a lot of good food. Hugs from a GFF.