Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank The Man

Today the kids and I have been hanging out.

We made cookies and listened to my "holiday" play list on the stereo.  We are preparing to put up the Christmas tree and decor.  I was too tired last night but am eager to get to it today.

While I was tooling about working and singing, I kept thinking how blessed we are.  Our beautiful home that is warm when it cool outside and cool when it's warm outside.  All 5 of these little people who call me mom.  Tanner working diligently making cookies while Elijah does the dishes.  Anneliese and Graham playing with the dogs and Brennan at youth group.  This busy blessed life is all possible because of our hard working Daddy.

Since I was thinking about just how wonderful he is, I decided to text him.

I said, "Thank you for the wonderful life you provide for us.  I love you."

He responded immediately with deep gratitude.  I couldn't help but think I must not tell him often enough.  I want him to know how thankful and grateful we are for the life he provides.  It is my mission to remind him regularly of just how content and thankful we are .

Here's my challenge to you, If Jared was needing to hear that your husband probably is too. 

Thank him.  Thank him for paying for everything, or most everything, or half of everything.  Even if you pay for everything, thank him for being supportive and faithful and a good husband/father.   Regardless, you are not doing it alone and it would be oh so much harder if we were.  If your spouse is anything like mine, he doesn't expect it or demand it.  He is doing what he feels called to, what his responsibilities demand. 

What a blessing you could be to him, and encouragement, to simply say, "I recognize your hard work and understand what life would be without your efforts and I'm so very thankful that you provide for us."

Thank the man!

Thank you Jared.  Thank you for being a man of integrity that works so very hard to provide for your family.  We are safe and protected because of the kind of man you are.

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