Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sorry I haven't been on here much.

Things are getting pretty crazy around the Altic house.  We are making great progress but it is so chaotic!

Yesterday Teri P and family came over and loaded up a huge trailer with stuff from the garage.  That was such a blessing.  We are 70% done with the garage and the rest will move with us.

We had two different families come by to purchase furniture we don't want to move.  They both wanted what they came for but couldn't take it with them just yet.  So our dining room looks like a storage unit.

Today I am babysitting sweet Mason, one of the Craigslisters is picking up their furniture today, and I have a haircut this afternoon.  Never a dull moment :)

I have been super diligent keeping the kitchen clean and the laundry caught up.  For some reason it gives me some sense of organization and cleanliness if something is in order.  I woke up this morning to all my dishes being done, thank you spousey

At this rate we will be ready to move out by the 19th with no trouble.  I am a packing organizing fool.  We have an inspection on the Russell house tomorrow morning.  We would greatly appreciate prayers that everything continues to come together and work out.

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