Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As Your Will Unfolds In My Life

Jared and I had it all figured out.  We knew what we wanted and what we thought was best for the kids.

Then doors began to shut.  No, slam, in our faces.  We started this process back in May and day by day we were being told no, at the least not right now.  So we waited and worked towards a goal we thought was God's will.  If you'll remember waaay back to the beginning we were hesitant to say this was His will but it seemed like a sure thing.

Now that things have turned in a different direction we are re-examining what His will is for us.

In our ministry Jared has always said, "We need to be where the people are."  Years ago we were looking for a church and anytime we'd come across an opening we would evaluate the community.  We knew God was calling us to somewhere there was potential for growth.  We needed to be where the people are.

The home we have been working towards was in the country.  It seemed like the ideal setting for 4 curious boys to wander and explore.  It sits on over an acre and the kids would be able to run and throw footballs etc.  As Jared put it, "They would have Norman Rockwell memories."

When the game changed we started looking for a house that would allow immediate possession to avoid moving our family twice.  I had been searching the market for months due to selling our home and to make sure we were getting the best deal on the new house. 

There was a house that kept popping up in my searches.  When we decided to look for a different house we made the call to go see this one.  It's not at all what we had in mind for ourselves.  It's in a subdivision.  There are neighbors everywhere you turn.  We went several times and took family and friends to see it.

The kids began to pray at night that we get "the house with the cool neighborhood."  There are children everywhere.  Within 20 minutes of being there the boys had met 3 children their ages and were running around playing Nerf war. 

We called the realtor and the seller was very eager to sell and was extremely open to our situation.  She accepted our offer and gave us immediate possession.  As soon as our buyers are able to sign their closing papers we'll move in.  Right now we're cleaning and touching up paint (Thank you Richard, Anita, and Jenny!).

We thought we knew what our kids needed.  Seeing them in that environment shows God knew better.  While rolling hills and peach trees would have been lovely, our little homeschooled kiddos would rather have friends, lots of friends with the coolest Nerf guns ever.

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Anonymous said...

No scraping wallpaper now. :)

- Erin