Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Few Things I'm Thankful For

Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard.  This stuff is what great lunches are made of.  I LOVE IT.  I like to have turkey sandwiches smothered in it, I even like to dip steak in it.  They sell it at Wal-Mart and I buy it two at a time.  It's cheap, it's delicious and I don't mind eating healthy when this is my condiment.  It's the bomb diggity.
I have always been a fan of Pike's Place from  Starbucks.  I went in to get my bag o' beans and the clerk demanded suggested that I try the Thanksgiving blend.  I am sold!  It's delicious.  I love coffee and I am typically a one maybe two cup a day person.  I could drink this stuff all day.  It beckons me.
Land O Lakes fat free half and half.  I made the mistake of getting regular half and half and using it in my coffee.  Never again will skim milk be enough for these taste buds.  So what's a girl who wants to fit into her clothes to do?  I thought I'd give it a try and I'm smitten.  It's really yummy and creamy.  Only 20 calories per serving, no fat, and still tastes better that skim milk.  In fact I could drink it.  It's num num num.

This glorious image is that of my pantry.  You read that right.  That is a pantry in my house.  Why did the single woman who built this home decide that a 8x13 foot pantry was a necessity?  The only reason I can come up with is God knew in just a couple years our family would be moving in and this would be amazing for a family with 5 kids (4 boys!).  Our kitchen is on the smallish side.  We were in such a hurry to find a house when I first walked in I thought the kitchen would be a deal breaker.  It's beautiful, it's just not what I pictured for a family of 7.  Then I wandered back into this and with my mouth agape said, "Uh, Jared!  You have to see this!"  We feel so incredibly blessed.
Jared and I have had our bed for 7 years now.  We have both been struggling with back and neck issues.  I struggled with the idea of replacing our mattresses.  It's just so stinking expensive.  After some research I decided to give one of these a try.  I found a family on Craigslist that purchased one and ended up buying a new mattress instead so I got this new for $60!  It's lovely.  I haven't woken up with a sore back since we got it.  It feels like my bed is hugging me.  The kids all have found the "smooshy" bed and are begging for one of their own.  I highly highly recommend.  This particular one is sold at Sams.


Twisted said...

We love our memory foam. When we moved up to a king (given to us free) we cut the queen foam up for the boys twin beds. A little narrow, but it works for them.
That pantry is awesome!

Arby said...

I LOVE the pantry.