Monday, November 7, 2011

Trying To Blog! I Think I Can I Think I Can...

-While hanging out in Charming Charlies today I dumped half a Scooters coffee in my large leather Coach bag (said bag was purchased at an antique mall for $15).  All of my belongings were swimming in a vat of Caramelicious.  Soo, I did what every sane person would do.  I threw my leather bag in the wash.  Good news!  It looks like new and it didn't ruin it. 

-I need ideas for over the couch!  I have two huge walls that are bare.  I can't figure out what to put there.  I have a mirror in the entry way (a partially shared wall to the left of the couch) so a large mirror is too much mirror.  Any ideas?  I thought about having the kids do some abstract "art" in black and white on canvas from Hobby Lobby.  Ideas welcome!

-I baked my first large wedding cake this last week.  It was 4 tiers and had two large sheet cakes that had to weigh 10 lbs each, not kidding. 

 Plus a Rock Chalk Jayhawk groom's cake.  This one was my fav!   Milk chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.  YUMBA!

I'm not in love with my pics of the main cake since I took them with my camera phone and the lighting was awful...but I'll let you see it anyway :)
We are still plugging away at making 112th St home.  I am super eager to put up Christmas decorations.  We feel ridiculously blessed.  We absolutely love where God has planted us. 

We are so thankful to our church family.  It is not lost on us that everything we have comes from your generosity.  Sunday we were surprised by a gift and brunch for Pastor's appreciation.  Cindy and I both received beautiful bouquets and we were so blessed by your love and appreciation for us all. 
Thank You!  You are loved!!
-The Altics

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