Monday, October 24, 2011

Bonus Room

When we first looked through this house we were thrilled with just about every aspect.  There's so much more space and the layout is awesome for a large family like ours.  So much storage!

Downstairs there is a room with outside access.  It has a concrete floor but sheet rocked walls and is vented for heat and ac.  We just called it the bonus room and really had no idea what to do with it.

It was clear the previous owner kept her dogs in there and maybe used it as a planting room.   I've heard she loved to garden.  I was at a loss and it just held excess boxes until a couple days ago.

A few of my stylist friends said they would make it into a small salon.  Since I'm not a licensed hair dresser that doesn't really make sense for me.  So what do I do with this space?  We talked about moving our laundry room down there, but we have a nice space upstairs.  The best part about having the laundry upstairs is that I've kept up on it better than I ever have.  It's convenient and right in my face.  Kind of hard to ignore it and let it pile up. 

We have too many people to just not use a room in our house.  So I measured it to get a better idea of what could fit.  It's 9x10 feet.  Then it hit me!! 

What does a licensed personal trainer need?  A fitness room!  Since it has access outside as well as inside I could easily train a client in there and they wouldn't even have to come through the house.  I consulted with Ebony (my trainer friend from the Y) to get a list of must haves for a small workout room.  Come to find out 9x10 feet is big enough to fit all the necessities. 

I've been checking things out on Craigslist so I could find everything at a great price.  The transformation has begun.  I'll be in business soon and looking for clients!  What an awesome way to bring in a little income and never have to leave the house.

I am sooo excited!

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