Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feeling The Love

It's amazing how easy it is to get out of the habit of blogging!

We have a new plan for our homeschool.  Due to having baby after baby I have always schooled in the afternoon vs first thing since the babies are napping.  I found it easier to give the kids my attention if I wasn't preoccupied with a nursing infant or two year old.

Now that the tides are changing in our growing family, it's time to make a shift in our schooling as well.  The last couple days the boys pulled their school work and started it as soon as they got up.  Having school done and out of the way by noon is AMAZING!!  We have the whole day to do everything or nothing!  No stress to hurry back in time to put in a full day of school.  Love this!

Yesterday I found a tiny silver can in my basement.  It looks small and inconspicuous, but I was thrilled when I opened it.  It's the wall color!  YAY!  This means I can touch up all the spots and postpone all the painting I thought had to be done asap.  This brings my OCD side some peace.  I already went all over the house painting here and there.  Ahhh love this!

We have a master suite.  Some of you may be thinking, so do we, and...  Well let me tell you!  We haven't had one and now that we do I'm not sure how we survived without it.  I am able to shut my bedroom door, go into my bathroom, shower and dress without ever leaving the privacy of my room.  No fingers under the door asking me if I'm done yet.  Well, at least with my bedroom door shut I can't hear it from the bathroom.  I actually get to be alone for whole 20 minutes.  Looooove this!

My middle boys asked me for a Jayhawk room.  I found some paint that resembled the beak and feet of a Jayhawk.  It's school bus yellow when you cover an entire room.  They may need sunglasses to sleep at night but Eli and Graham absolutely love it.  It's bright and collegiate. Rock Love Chalk this Jayhawk KU.

Tonight is Wednesday night family night.  I am making spaghetti and meatballs and grilled chicken Alfredo with toasted garlic bread.  Brennan has been asking me to cook for weeks and now that we are getting settled, it's time.  We have an amazing church family that we cherish.  I can't wait to spend the evening with all of you.  We loooove WCCC!

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